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Illegal immigration refers to the act of people crossing the U.S national borders illegally without proper permission from the United States government. The consequences of such immigrations are economic, poor education and health care. The ocean-to-ocean border between Mexico and the U.S is an international border that runs from San Diego through several cities, inhospitable desert to the Pacific Ocean. The boarder wall is 3169 kilometers in length and it is the most frequently crossed frequently boarder in the world. The border was build to protect the Mexican territory from frequent United States inventions that had cost it loss of massive pieces of land. At first the Mexican government thought that by resettle people along the region will solve its problems with the United States government but this did not solve their problem.

Construction of the ocean -to-ocean border fence between the United States and Mexico did not solve the current U.S. immigration problems because the economic development of the border region on the Mexican side is poor compared to the United States side of the border. For this reason, most of the residents cross the border so as to access commercial centers which are remoteness from the in Mexico (Bankston, & Danielle 45 -57).

The construction of railroads that connected the northern Mexican states to United States more than the rest of the Mexico led to the growth of population tremendously. This led to illegal alien’s crossing over to United States in search of jobs which had declined in Mexico. The rapid growth of the mining industry in Mexico controlled by United States firms resulted to most of the revenues from the industry being invested in the border regions alone resulting to a population upsurge within the border region and most of the unemployed aliens were forced to illegal cross the border in search of employment opportunities in the united states side of the border, thus the border did not fully achieve its intended goals of preventing illegal immigration from Mexico to the united states.

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During the Mexican Revolution, there was increased animosity towards foreigners owning property in Mexico and these led to reduced economic development of the Mexican state because immigrants from the United States owned most of Mexican properties (Yans-McLaughlin, 75-87).The effects of the increased political Revolution was more evident at the border point because as the communities on the United States side of the boundary continued to enjoy improved infrastructure, their Mexican counterparts began to fall behind in construction of necessary transportation networks and systems.

Although the is guarded by more than seventeen thousand border patrol agents it still records the highest number of legal and illegal crossings. The border patrols mainly concentrates on a small portion of the total border leaving the rest of the border almost totally unguarded encouraging illegal immigrants to cross to either side with much easy and protection mainly from the united states side. Majority of the illegal immigrants is diverted into rural mountainous and desert areas with very harsh conditions leading to the deaths of many of illegal migrants along the Mexico – U.S border for those attempting to cross into the United States without authorization from the United States Federal government. Due to partial border control, the ocean -to-ocean border fence between the United States and Mexico has not solved the U.S. immigration problems because the main aim of the wall was to help stem the flow of illegal immigrants from crossing. This is yet to be achieved and other measures should be enforced to reduce the problem because it may be very hard to completely eliminate illegal immigrants from crossing to either of the two states, although most of the migrants are to United States (Briggs, 15-36).

The United States and Mexico immigration problems have far reaching effects on the tax-paying American citizens because the inexpensive labor influx into U.S is benefits middle and upper-class Americans while those in low ranks and could have got employment are rendered jobless. The tax payers are as well supposed to more tax so as to maintain the huge economic cost of maintaining the border patrols and even maintaining the already build wall inform of repairs and strengthening it. Huge amounts of money to the tune of $9 billion /year was spend on anti-immigration campaign in 2004, the budget is expected to be even higher considering the hard economic times the world is going through in the recent past. The Mexicans working in the United States sent billions of dollars to Mexico and this in a way affects the American economy.

Crime is on the increase due to high levels of unemployment among the Hispanics, for this

reason the tax-payer is supposed to pay high taxes so that the federal government can maintain a

strong police force to ensure law and order prevails within the effected states (Daniels, 20-65)

In conclusion, several attempts have been tried to help stem the illegal mainland crossings and drug smugglers. Neither the USA nor Mexico are providing adequate solutions to the problem and no one is winning in the fight since illegal Mexican immigrants are not able to achieve their

“American dream”.

With increased military units presence along the fence illegal migrants are perceived to be brought to an end because this was tried sometimes back and proved very effective. The guards should be about a thousand feet from each other for effective surveillance of the border. A few helicopters and other specialized equipment devices should be deployed so as to ensure a more robust and pro-active Border Patrol. In my opinion, the construction of the ocean -to-ocean border fence between the United States and Mexico has not solved the immigration problems faced by the united states but can only be reduced if the Mexican state can develop its infrastructure and create a conducive environment for investors from within and outside Mexico to invest in the Mexican economy creating employment opportunities for the majority of the unemployed population that is constantly crossing the border to America in search of better employment opportunities (Waters, 25-55).Spending huge amount of money to protect the border is not economically viable for the American taxpayer.


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