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During the armed confrontation in Guatemala, the state’s concept of ‘internal enemy,’ intrinsic to the National Security Doctrine, became more comprehensive. Through its investigations, the CEH discovered one of the greatest effects of this policy: The nation’s military and the corresponding paramilitary groups were responsible for 93 percent of the abuses that were reported the CEH, including 92 percent of the subjective murders and 91percent of forced disappearances. The victims included children, women and men of all social classes: politicians, workers, church members, peasants, professionals, academics and students; in terms of ethnicity, Mayans were the majority or the most affected.

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The concept of ‘internal enemy’ was also evident in Chile during the 1970s, there was a problem in the elections whereby Allende emerged the winner but then present administration under Eduardo Frei was not happy with his leadership. A coup was then organized to topple Allende but it was not successful because he had the majority including the military on his side.

In El Salvador, there was great suppression against the democratic unions and reformers by the government’s military supporters, but they responded by pushing more opponents toward the direction of the forces of revolution, while undermining the credibility of the administration internationally.

President Clinton apologized for the involvement of the America in the Guatemala's 36-year old war, because he believed that Washington was wrong in supporting the killing of innocent citizens. Francisco Lorenza, a deputy of the National Assembly criticized a less blunt admission by Clinton role in the war (Charles, pA1).

The reason for the prisoners’ arrest was just all about the repression from the tyrannical administration, because they couldn’t answer what they didn’t know.


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