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The concept of ‘internal enemy’ is a strategy that was used in solving internal problems in different countries especially in the Latin America. For instance, in the Guatemalan conflict, this concept was prevalent. According to the investigation conducted by the CEH, it was established that among the major effects of this concept was; the armies of the government together with the related paramilitary groups were accountable the largest percentage of the violations that were indicated by the report. Among these, there were several prejudices or biased executions and forced disappearances. Those who were killed included men, women and children drawn from all the social classes, workers, scholar, students, church members, Professionals, workers and politicians; it terms of background. Mayans constituted the largest section of the total people who were killed.

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Another country whereby the concept of ‘internal enemy’ was applied is Chile. This was evident during the 1970s when uncertainties occurred in the leadership of the country. This period witnessed massive irregularities in the general election whereby there were plans to deny the rightful winner his right of leading the nation. A presidential candidate known as Allende who won the elections because he was enjoying massive support from the socialists and communists was almost overthrown by the Nixon administration. The Nixon administration was not comfortable with the leadership of a Marxist, led by Allende and therefore made plans to either reinstate the outgoing president Eduardo frei or even go for a military coup to topple Allende from the position. Unfortunately, Allende managed to contain the situation by winning the battle since he got the support of the entire nation together with the military, leaving President Nixon and his project with nothing more to do.

In Elsalvado, we also find that this concept of ‘internal enemy’ was applied when there was a great suppression against the democratic unions and reformers by the government’s military sympathizers. Conversely, these democratic unions and reformers managed to contain the situation by pushing more opponents toward the direction of the revolutionary forces, whereas distorting the image of the administration worldwide.

President Clinton found himself involved in the Guatemala's thirty six-year old war, which later made him meet several criticisms and condemnations which resulted to his regret, thus issuing an apology. In his apology, he stated that his country had made a wrong decision of taking part in the killing of several innocent citizens by supporting the government in carrying out these executions. His involvement in the war catalyzed the killing of several individuals. However, his apology did not appear to be of any significance to some individuals, a god example is Francisco Lorenza, who was the deputy of the National Assembly, who criticized a less blunt admission by Clinton role in the conflict (Charles, pA1).

The prisoners were majorly arrested and tortured by the administration because they could not answer what they did not understand, since they were questioned in a language that they could not understand. I actually believe that all these happened due to the tyrannical nature of the administration, but there was actually no basis for the prisoners’ arrest.


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