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In the Guatemala armed confrontation, the nation’s concept of ‘internal enemy,’ intrinsic to the National Security Doctrine, became more widespread. The CEH carried out some investigations and found that one of the greatest impacts of this concept: The government’s army and the corresponding paramilitary groups were responsible for the ninety three percent of the abuses that were indicated by the CEH. This included ninety two percent of the prejudiced murders and ninety one percent of forced disappearances. Those who were murdered involved children, women and men from all the social classes: politicians, workers, church members, peasants, professionals, academics and students; in terms of ethnicity. The biggest percentage of those who were killed was Mayans.

During the 1970s, the concept of ‘internal enemy’ was also seen in Chile. There was a problem in the elections whereby Allende emerged the winner but then present administration under Eduardo Frei was not happy with his leadership. The presidential race involved the outgoing president, Eduardo Frei and Allende, who was a Marxist leader and had a huge backing or support of the socialists and the communists (Burggraff, 78). The only body that hand the key to the solutions of the Chilean problems in deciding the president in the run off, since no one had won with a simple majority was the Congress.

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According to the tradition that had been there for long, the candidate who managed to get the most votes was the new president automatically. In the contrary, the side that could find itself on the wrong side if actually Allende became the new President of Chile was the Nixon administration, therefore, he tried by all means to ensure that Allende did not become the winner and to take over the leadership of the con try from Eduardo. Consequently, his administration planned some two methods of ensuring that everything went their own way. The first one was to ensure that the outgoing president, Eduardo Frei stayed in power, and the second one was that military force be used in toppling Allende and be removed from power completely. To their surprise, the Allende group received a shocking support from the military and the all the other citizens, thus handing Allende a comfortable win to stay in power.

El Salvador is also another state that there was seen the concept of ‘internal enemy applied’. There was great repression against the democratic unions and reformers by the government’s army supporters, however, they responded by pushing more opponents toward the direction of the forces of revolution, at the same time as undermining the integrity of the administration worldwide.

President Clinton had to apologize for his involvement in the Guatemala's thirty six-year old war, because he came to realize that his country made a wrong decision of supporting the killing of several innocent citizens. His involvement fueled the war and very many people lost their lives. Francisco Lorenza, a deputy of the National Assembly criticized a less blunt admission by Clinton role in the war (Charles, pA1).

The prisoners were majorly arrested and tortured by the administration because they could not answer what they did not understand, since they were questioned in a language that they could not understand. I actually believe that all these happened due to the tyrannical nature of the administration, but there was actually no basis for the prisoners’ arrest.


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