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The author is an award-winning Editorial Cartoonist who works for the network websites. Furthermore, he supplies cartoons to the Atlantic City Press, New Jersey Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer as well as other weekly and daily newspapers throughout the region. In addition, he blogs at concerning cartoons and the different sides of politics, giving a behind-the-scene views at the general world of cartooning.  

His article handles issues affecting the general society through cartoons. He employs the use of political cartoons to address social issues in the society.

Quotations in the Article

“Editors like funny cartoons about topics that readers are most interested in, rather than poignant cartoons about today’s most important issues”.

“The more offensive the cartoons, the smaller the market for thee cartoons”.


Title: - When Satire is Serious: How Political Cartoons Impact a Countries Brand

Authors: -Alessandro Bigi, Michelle Bonera, Kirk Plangger and Colin Campbell.

This article highlights on the indiscretions of Mr. Berlusconi of Italy. It further reveals the impacts his scandals have brought with regard to the decline of the Italian general brand. These are the brands which the international consumers view as an important aspect or product of that particular country. It analyzes international attitudes towards Mr. Berlusconi’s social and political actions through political cartoons. Through their examinations, the authors assert that negative reputation as well as image of a country’s political leader greatly impacts negatively on the national brand equity in the outside world.

Quotations in the Article

“Brand policies are not made in isolation”

“Judicial persecution against which I am proud to resist, and the fact that my resistance and sacrifice will give the Italians a more fair and efficient judicial system, makes me even more proud”.

Title: - Caricatures, Cartoons, Spoofs and Satires: Political Brands as Butts.

Authors: -Anjali Suniti Bal, Pierre Berthon, Leyland Pitt and Philip DesAutels.

Caricature is employed to scrutinize and explain the nature and responses of a controversial political cartoon depicting South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma. It reveals how the cartoon played and impacted his political image as well as brand. Jacob Zuma has formulated his image as an individual who has overcome hardships in order to lead his country. The carton out rightly questions Zuma’s allegations of discrimination meted on him by the justice system. Moreover, the cartoon is utilized to solidify the image of Zuma as a beleaguered yet divisive and contentious leader. The outline enlisted depicts the spoofing of a political trade name, in an advertising atmosphere in which caricature ands spoofing of additional conventional services and products are progressively widespread. 

Quotations in the Article

“I’d create a strong voice with which the paper could be associated , one that would bring in new readers, generate discussion, and serve as community outreach to schools and other institutions”

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The reading from Rob Tornoe article confirms the hypothesis formulated at the beginning of the research paper. As per his article, the purpose of political satire is to inform people about current issues and events concerning government and politics in a serious but easy manner. The images used to create satire have great significant thus the media does just pick on any image. Political satire is not just a therapeutic way to entertain citizens but have significant political impacts. Satires in the political arena have received much criticism as they can in no way prevent war, topple throne, or decide the fate of elections. Some analysis’s claim that political satire goes to great extends to discourage political action. Rob Tornoe stands firm against such allegation and considers political satire is a safety valve that releases tension which normally builds up in the political arena (Alessandro and  Michelle 1),.

 Some authorities in many regimes have accommodated certain levels of political satire to serve as alternatives to the more dangerous dissent. Even if satire does in any way change the political history, it in most cases reinforces and accompanies political action.  Though the impact of this type of satire cannot be precisely measures, it is evident that once included with other dissent forces, political satire has been observed to make significant differences. A good example is the lascivious jokes and cartoons used in the royal family. The satire was appreciated for creating an atmosphere of fury and derision that managed to culminated in the Revolution experienced in France.  Political satire also does away with age discrimination by making politics interesting and amusing to the young generation who in most cases tend to be politically not involved. Political satire is also being considered as being to some extend hostile, offensive and aggressive by Rob Tornoe (Alessandro& Michelle 2).

 Most of the political leaders dislike being offended especially in the public and more so something that will make them look ridiculous. In some authoritarian systems, fines, confiscations, deletions, exile and imprisonment are normally employed to check on such a situation. For instance, an anti-Hitler satire during the Nazi time was taken as a capital crime. Democracies are more tolerant to political satire compared to other forms of government. However, such a dissent is not encouraged during the times of war. Despite some governments giving room to political satire, most of such nations have to draw line to some limit. This is often important where satirists take advantage of the situation by often going at great risks, deride the existing oppressors and continue to search for means around the censorship.

There have been concerns as to whether political satire attracts the interest of the citizens through its humor have been addressed by Rob Tornoe. The political satire power in influencing the public was evident in hegemony and they tried as much as possible to make the most of it. As the war era came to an end, political satire has since then evolved in sophistication and artistry to match the increasing education of different members of the society. Satire has played a big role in voicing criticisms especially in governments that are unstable. Political satire has been common in the modern times despite the criticisms and measures enacted against them. They are found in televisions, literature comics, cartons, and internet. Issues that were once ignored have been earlier ignored have now made headlines courtesy of the introduction of satire in the political scene.  In some media, it has been used as a powerful tool that has been used to air the opinions of the minority members of the communities (Alessandro and Michelle 1)

Editorial cartoons and other forms of satire have remained to be among the most common features in the modern newspapers. In this position, the satirists have used these papers to weave unique interactions covering sensitive issues in the society including politics. In the recent times, the politicians have been getting the attention of such cartoons as they are fond of jabbing them. The cartoons are recognized to be great service in the political arenas as they address sensitive but express them in a polite manner without offending the addressed. The satire also addresses the public while speaking to various community organizations. Most readers become absorbed to the satirists as they look upon them to reveal the political issues and situation. They end up becoming a voice of the people contrary to what most of the people consider cartoons to be. Some societies still consider all the forms of satire as out to make fun of people and should not be applied on important issues in like politics

The political satire has gained fame in the recent years and has created a strong voice which helps the paper associate with the readers generating political discussions and understanding with its readers and serve as community outreach. To show how the political satire has been appreciated by both the politicians and the public, the various forms of satire have bright future ahead of them and are promising to be more opinionated , more effective and cooler thus reflective the real political situations in most governments. Satire is appreciated for its message strength especially while covering political issues (Tornoe 1)

 A good example is the messages conveyed using cartoons on Mr. Berlusconi sexual scandal facing him. These cartoons received more publications and readership with higher visibility in the way they were presented in several newspapers all over the world. The cartons received world. The cartons were preferred to real pictures as they were hardly found. In this situation, the cartoons were used as the main media of conveying the message as they were no other means. This was a positive publication of the cartons that have historically been associated with ramous and mockery (Anjali and Bierthon 1)

The several elements included in cartoons enable the readers to get the message being conveyed both as images and words thus receive the message in the best way possible. The modern era cartoons have seized from the times when they used to attack politicians as a way of getting recognition and selling their respective papers. They are now known for their genuine role in addressing real and practical issues. Even those individuals who are interested in politics find time to check on the cartoons getting the same political messages conveyed in other media forms. The same political satire has also proved as means of cooling down the heated debates and tension in the political arena. Its simplicity level has been misquoted as to affect the perception of the readers but this is not the case. The messages conveyed by the cartoons receive equal importance as the ones on other media forms as they touch on current and important issues (Anjali and Bierthon 1)

Political satire has their ways of attracting the attention of the readers who would have passed the message unnoticed. They are normally clear and brief to the point thus are preferred by most readers instead of going for long and irrelevant coverage. The modern cartons are colored, more sophisticated and wordy thus easily appeal to the readers. The pictures of the characters in subject are normally used thus the issue of discussion can be indentified at a glance. Politics has ended up being a form of entertainment with the increasing scandals and allegations. There can never been a better way of expressing the funny side of politics than using cartoons and other forms of satire. Most of the people perceptions have changed with the use of cartoons. Those who avoided politics because of how serious and involving it is found themselves changing this perception once they have a glance at political satires (Anjali and Bierthon 1).


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