Free «Normative Economics-Republicans versus Democrats» Essay Sample

The Republican Party and the democrats party both have addressed issues that concern the economy of the United States of America. Democrats party represents the interests of working families and fights for equality amongst Americans. The republican advocates for freedom and equality amongst the white and black Americans mainly opposing all rules of slavery. However, both parties look at the common interest of the common citizen and economic issues that affect Americans.

The Republican Party addresses the issues of economy with interest as the party believes in having a free-market economy with opportunities for all Americans. The Republican Party has looked into the issue of the 529 million dollar loan given to start a car manufacturing company in the United States. The company started as a way of creating jobs for many citizens in America. However, the company stayed for a short while and was later transferred to Finland. This issue has continually worried many people in America. The loan will soon be consuming the money which taxpayers are struggling to pay, yet there is no reward for it. The company seems to have failed so far. This is because it has not been able to produce the products as expected. Reports on ABC news say that only two cars have been delivered to the clients.

On the other hand, the democrat party advocates for the people of America to have jobs through the municipalities. The party intends to have the municipality hire teachers, firefighters, and police. According to the party this project will not have a high cost compared to that of the Republican Party. According to the democrats, the project will be funded by half percent of the taxes paid. It is said that this project has an upper hand as it will give an immediate response to those seeking for jobs. Kit will enhance positive economy to America. While the Republican Party refers to the 529 million dollar project as a “worthwhile risk”, the republican project is normative as its target will be to maintain cooperated profits.


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