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The United States government over time has developed policies towards drug control. Though the policies are in place the menace of drug abuse among its citizen still on the rampant thus a question is posed, why? The circulation of drugs in the streets of most cities is at a worrying rate. Among the most critical question in addressing the problem is whether the drug abuser are new recruits or are the old users? Actually, the government is spending over ten million dollars in controlling drug and substance abuse through preventive, rehabilitative and treatment of the abusers. There being strict and clear policies towards control of the drugs, it is important to note the flaws in the system and correct the implementation of the policies.

The government has strict policies on border control and strictly regulates its imports and exports. This is focused on ensure that no drugs get into the country. Presence of the drugs on the streets is a clear indication of a porous border thus a flaw in the system. The policy on the border points should be reviewed and its implementation monitored and the officers manning the stations investigated in relation to allowing drugs into the country.

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There is also a policy on preventive measures to minimize contact of none drug users with the drug. This is achieved through education on drugs and substance abuse. The educational sector alongside community education has tried to establish this and basically targeting the teenagers as they are among the most vulnerable individuals. This process has been able to reach far and wide among the adolescent and general population. It has been able to address the effects and notions created by the advertisements on drugs such as alcohol. It has able to push on the regulation of amount of advertisements on drug use and also ensured the public is provided with enough information about the drug being advertised.

The policy on alcohol and cigarettes as legal drugs hence the age of the consumer being the only thing to restrict the sale is a setback to the war on drugs. These being drugs like the others are causing harm to the users hence should be treated as the others. It has been noted that every four minutes an individual is sent for treatment by the drug courts. This is a significant number considering alcohol and cigarettes as part of the causatives yet they are set free to be used by anyone. The counseling program on the rehabilitative sector of the drug control is an implementation of the policy yet it has been noted that the counselors are despairing due to the rate at which their clients are forfeiting the program. A research was done to find out the major cause of the fallback and the proximity to which the drugs were to the clients to be among the leading causes. The counselors thus propose that the policy on alcohol and cigarettes be reviewed and stringent regulations be set regarding them as any other illegal drug.

More so an important policy on drug control is through international partnerships. This is aimed at creating links with other countries so as to interrupt the drug trafficking pathway and prevent its production as much. Through partnerships the war on drugs is spread wide thereby involving more countries hence cutting on the supply. This is an important strategy in winning this war yet it poses a risk to the domestic war as it encourages free trade with other countries hence subjecting the border points to porosity. a review of this policy to regulate and investigate the imports even to ensure nothing illegal crosses the border using the international partnership policy as the loophole.


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