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Fluid power is a system that is used in many endeavors of human advancement today. The idea is focused upon the development of procedures on utilizing fluid power to allow fluid such as oil to produce a much higher level of power for the machines that are utilizing power from fluid sources. The interest that has been pursued towards this particular career has been most likely the driving power that keeps the author of this paper to move forward to learning more about modern engineering and realize the importance that it has on his life today and towards the future. Knowing that hydraulic power actually fuel the engines of many machines today that make up the industries around the world and the agricultural procedures adapted by farmers around the globe, the author of this paper believes that pursuing a career in the said line of expertise would give her much chance in making a difference in the human society and the way that it undergoes development and industrial progress. Change is also one of the most important things that the author considers to be essentially a part of human advancement. She sees that by pursuing a career in Fluid Power would give her the chance to be a part of the needed concentration that she aims to share in providing change for the society. Through the development of the most effective procedures of using hydraulics as a positive source of modern energy, the author sees herself becoming a part of the revolution that would bring more implicative changes to the human society in connection with the level of usage that the human individuals use hydraulic power in.


For one to become a successful individual in the field of fluid power, interest is never enough. Shielding one with the knowledge needed to accomplish several intuitive developments of innovation in the said field needs an expert’s thought and efforts applied towards actual practicality of the ideas thought.
For example, any particular idea that is dedicated to further development of any field of work could never be completely realized unless it is directly applied for practicality. The situation is the same in treating the aim of becoming a successful career person in the field of fluid power. Early pre-engineering courses could be taken by students in the middle school. These pre-engineering courses are rather given by colleges and universities that are aiming to recruit students who are interested in engineering from lower level education and learning. These programs aim to hone the interest and the skills that young learners have towards engineering and lead them towards the desire of their heart to make a change. The continuing studies towards the said aim consist of at least four to five years depending on the level of expertise that one wants to attain from learning. Likely, the most important parts that complete these years of training is the willingness of each student to be directly connected with the process through joining competitions that are aimed in creating a great chance for each individual to show their skills with regards engineering procedures and make use of the knowledge that they learned from school through presenting them in several national skills events giving them a chance to research further on what they know and apply what they have learned from their institutions so far.


There are certainly different positions that a person with expertise in fluid power could take into account. One of which is that of becoming an applications engineer which would likely present one with the challenges of being directly connected with the responsibilities of having direct contact with clients, allowing them the chance to understand how machines of hydraulic power actually work and why they could benefit from it.
Another is on the path of becoming an R&D Engineer. An R&D engineer is responsible for developing new products and services that involves the use of fluid power application. These products are studied, researched upon as to how they would likely benefit the human society and fuel the industrial progress that the world needs to face today. Meanwhile, a Sales Engineer could be noted as the individual involved in assuring that the production and quality assurance department is able to meet the needs of the major clients served by the industry. Likely, people under this particular responsibility are the ones that are able to directly relate to the situations of the producers and are also able to control the reputation that the manufacturers get from their clients as their products and services are well checked if they do meet the standards as laid. Being able to meet the needs of becoming these particular individuals in the industry though requires years of training and practical training. Through accepting primary apprenticeship programs as the beginning step towards the success aimed in the file of fluid power production and development industry. Through these primary experiences, it could be expected that the needed time to hone one’s skills could be successfully gained.


For one to be well suit for the job, he has to go into difficult challenges that would prove his capabilities and assured skills in the said field of expertise. The need to prove one’s capability through taking on challenges and great responsibilities during the early years of training makes one a great record from which employers could refer to later on. In terms of being employed, one must remember that employers need to see the characteristic of willingness on the part of their applicants. By honing that particular character, one begins to train himself to be ready for the jobs and responsibilities awaiting him in the field of fluid power development. Considerably, willingness refers to a lot of things. Willingness to change is one and another is the willingness to go further. For innovators such as fluid power engineers, the willingness to take on the challenge of going further, beyond the usual is an important matter to consider. Apparently, this level of willingness brings one the important understanding of his purpose and his role in the industry. Having a positive outlook on everything is also essential for a fluid power engineer to posses. Considerably, with the optimism one has towards the expertise that he is aiming to master, any practicing fluid power engineer could gain the rightful skill he needs to say to future employers that he is indeed willing to take on the challenges as they come along. It is never easy to do this, but if one hones that character into himself early on even during the times when he is still under training, there is no reason for him to fail any possible employment opportunities in the future.


The working condition that awaits a fluid power engineer depends on the position that he lands on. No matter, whatever position it is that he lands on, one needs to assure that he is able to be the best that he could no matter what condition of work area he might be subjected into. One’s professionalism towards the major responsibilities that he has in connection with his career must empower him to push further towards an improved self and a well developed performance at work. Of course during work, it should be expected by every fluid power engineer that once in a while there would be pressuring situations that would subject them to undergoing procedures that are sometimes beyond their control. Keeping one’s self awake, aware and enthusiastic all the time about the responsibilities that they have could well help in situations as this one.
It could be observed that through this particular matter, there is certainly a huge door opened for continuous improvement. Since pressures are on, mistakes could also be expected. On this particular situation, one must learn how to deal with such emergencies immediately, doing so would not only pose the level of skills that one has but would also make the entire job much easier to finish and certain missions much faster and much efficient to complete. Overall, being constantly prepared for any situation is considered as one of the most important characters that any fluid power engineer should posses to make his career in the industry successful and well appealing to the community, the entire society that he aims to serve with the innovative ideas that he has as he applies every skill he possesses to the work load that he is expected to complete.


A rightful rate of compensation is of course one of the most important satisfaction elements that any particular fluid engineer would love to enjoy. As for the available positions in the market today with regards the said career, the salary could be considered fair and reasonable. In the chart that follows, the rate of salary could be noted as follows: Source of Diagram: From the diagram presented, it could be observed that as the level of expertise of every fluid engineer advances, the level or the rate of salary also increases through time. Not only that, the level of responsibilities taken by fluid power professionals also increases the level of compensation that they receive from major employers in the industry. It could be observed them that with rightful experience and concentration on the profession that one has, the salary rate also becomes reasonably equalized with the level of performance that one puts out for the responsibilities that are assigned in his care.

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