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Miami and New York are among the most populated areas in the Unites States which are naturally affected by the coming in and coming out of immigrants in the country. This is the reason why in this paper, the author of the comparison of cities decided to pick Miami and New York as the primary areas of observance that shall be given attention to, hence expecting to find the different elements of demographical status of both cities and how these elements affect the population of the said cities. The following paragraphs shall give a brief overview on the different implicative factors involving the demographical reports on Miami and New York. Miami Demographic Data Collection: Home to at least 4,919,036 human population as per noted by the United Nations in 1997, Miami stands in the fourth place in the statistics of highly urbanized areas in the United States of America.
This county offers residential accommodation to several races that includes 66.6% of White Americans; 65.8% of Hispanics or Latinos; 22.3% of Black African Americans;0.7% of Asians; 0.04% of Pacific Islanders; 0.2% of Native Americans and 5.4% more of others coming from all several other races collectively. In terms of age differences, there are at least 21.7% who are under 18; 8.8% of those who are between the ages of 18 to 24; 20.3% of those aged 25 to 44; 22.1% of those aged 45-64 and 17%f those aged 65 and up of whom the ratio of men to women is 98 is to 100. This demographical data denotes that Miami is indeed one of the most populated and most diversified cities around US hence implying the fact too that this city is able to handle cultural disparity in a rather effective manner making it a society that is most convenient for those others from different races who decide to settle in US.


New York is one of the most industrialized and modernized cities in the United States; probably the reason why it remains a main attraction to most of the immigrants and other permanent residents of the area. At present, the city is home to at least nine major groups of immigrants in the country which includes the African Americans, Puerto Ricans, Italians, West Indians, Dominicans, Chinese, Irish, Russian and German. Because of this remarkable immigrant population, the city now holds a population density of at least 26,403 per square mile. To sum up the remarkable diversity of the age levels comprising this report there are at least 24% of the population under the age of 18; 10% ranging from ages 18-24; 33% from 25-44; 21% from 45-64 and at least 12% that includes ages 65 and above. This population denounces a ratio of 100 females to 90 males in balance.

Immigration and Increase in Population in New York and Miami

Immigration cannot be prevented especially within the systems of economic progress that the present human civilization adapts itself to. Unfortunately, immigration, as hoped by the enthusiasts of globalization, does not return the expected results of cultural diversity within the different communities in the world. It could be considered then that the empowered immigrants, particularly the Latinos, who are currently residing –in America could endanger the cultural heritage of the country.
The invasion that the Mexicans make within the American society brings so much impact on how the new generation of America sees their own country’s culture and traditions. Changes in the policies that are utilized to examine the immigration purposes of people coming in and out of the country should indeed be closely evaluated. By this procedure, the system used by the officials in assessing the reasons of the migrant’s staying in the country would become more effective, especially in briefing the said minorities on their duties, their rights and their limitations from the provisions of the US government. If this is not done early, it is not impossible for radical adjustments of minorities becoming the major population in America and the natives of the country becoming mere visitors to their own land.

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