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I prefer this topic since it threatens the national security of a country, and also because of its massive consequences if ignored by the government. Terrorism and border control is a significant topic in criminal justice due to a number of factors. Poor border control allows for the free passage of terrorists alongside with their deadly weapons such as bombs, grenades and many more others. This gives them more than enough capacity to carry out their criminal activities which consequently poses a massive threat to criminal justice.

My argument is on grounds that terrorists may carry out criminal activities and get away with them i.e. by threatening to launch another criminal activity. They may use their illegal weapons to manipulate the court cases, and also influence the final court decisions either by holding people hostage or planting bombs in public areas.

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This is a common experience especially when the accused is a member of the terrorist gang. However, if borders and terrorists are well controlled the criminal justice will always be effectively carried out with none or minimal terrorist manipulations.

The government should prioritize terrorism and border control as a significant aspect for upholding criminal justice. Several measures should be employed for the effective management of this topic. Some of the measures may include the deployment of military personnel at border regions to maintain security; carrying out thorough searches on commodities that cross borders; restricting movements across borders and many more others. Additionally, the government should also consider the long-term measures as a way of controlling borders and eliminating terrorists.

This can be done by partnering with neighboring countries thus agreeing on a common strategy that would control borders. Furthermore, partnering eases a country's burden, since part of the common effort is done by other bordering country. The security of a country should also be vigilant and swiftly carry out their bit incase of any terrorist attacks or threats.


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