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Following the last Tuesday's elections, it is evident that voters did their best to elect their most favorite candidates since the victory of most of the candidates reflected their opinions and the messages they sent to the public. As stated by Rove, one of the politicians that won with a greater margin in the last Tuesday's elections is Dr. Rand Paul. Dr. Rand is an activist of the tea party and was contesting for the senate position in replacement of the retiring senator Jim Bunning. His involvement in politics began in 1994 when he established the ant-tax organization and he eventually declared his candidature for senate in 2009.

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Since he joined politics and especially when he was champaining for the just concluded elections, Rand endorsed several policies most of which put great emphasis on financial issues (Rove). Some of the policies in which Dr. Rand has promised to bring reforms include; taxes and deficits, health care, liberty and privacy, innovation of energy, life and Federal Reserve.

Like many other Americans, I agree with Dr. Rand's position on the issue of the budget-busting. The U.S government can not afford to have a budget that has a deficit of $1.6 trillion by 2010 (Rove). This is very high and Americans are worried about how this deficit is going to be recovered. I however disagree with him when it comes to the issue of liberty and privacy. This is because the government is doing its best to ensure that citizens are living peaceful and at liberty therefore this is not interfering with private lives.

Currently, U.S. citizens have lost their confidence on the Obama's administration due to the unconstructive sentiments that seem to be encircling the nation. To come to a turn around on these sentiments, the administration should check closely on the financial issues facing the nation and also identify reliable means that will help cut on the huge amount of deficits on the budget.

The administration should also look for better ways to improve on the economy as well as inform the public on the role of the Federal Reserve and how they can benefit from it.


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