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American politics is known to prime during the election period where the most common activities of the politicians become significantly visible to the public. To gain the support and votes of the American citizens, politicians resort to any form of media approach to effectively communicate their political agenda and prospected projects when they are in position. In aspect, it is historically and prevalently true that money and other financial mediums play an important part.

Every campaign process that is known to the contemporary society needs funding in monetary basis thus the wealth of the politician commensurate that of his electoral campaign. Through the utilization of a double based division that is similarly close to the political campaign system used in Russia. This particular system is noted as a major cause for the much balanced system of politicking within the two most powerful countries.

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One particular benefit of such system is that of the realization of a much controlled finance for campaign.

This prevalent political principle can be viewed as a neutral concept when it comes to its effect. All knows that the power of money in politics has its own advantage and disadvantage especially with the electoral campaign. In its good side, money indeed is a helpful campaign ally since it can push the objective into the media and other effective means thus promoting better communication between the politician and the public. However, on the other hand, money in terms of politics indeed favors the wealthy politicians thus gaining them more advantage to the lesser ones regardless of the validity of the politician’s motive. Thus, with the right amount of money, corrupt and demoralized candidates can win the election by employing the proper expensive tactics.

To intervene with the monetary influence in the aspect of politics, the government of the United States of America established the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) of 1974 that in legislative and constitution power, implemented a monetary limit to the electoral campaigns of the candidates. In addition, the said act also requires candidates to submit an accounting report of their campaign so that the government can critically monitor there expenses and financial resources to prevent any demoralized resort and actions.


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