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The overriding ending of the majority of current policy studies is that political issues play an unimportant role in influencing strategies outputs. A number of models have been set up comprising both financial and political variables, and are normally used in an effort to signify the relation salience of competitor determinants of public wellbeing obligation in advanced self-governing conditions. Although it is very hard to dismiss some pressure of financial factors, the major findings run oppose to the conventional knowledge of strategies studies in indicating the larger salience of political factors as determinants of public wellbeing outputs.

I believe that the politics is relevant for state organization. A good example where an event of North Korea operating a uranium facility and they were focusing on producing energy and completion of the nuclear weapon system.

As it can be highlighted, the North Korea nuclear program dates back up to the 1980s. This is the period when the North Korea started operating a uranium facility and they were focusing on producing energy and completion of the nuclear weapon system (Vaughn, 2003). The government of North Korea began constructing a 200MWe nuclear reactor and a processing facility in Yongbyon and Taechon respectively and they later on conducted a high explosive detonation test (Seung-Hoo, 2007). Nonetheless, the United States officials did announce that they had intelligence information attributing that the government of North Korea had build a secret reactor of nuclear some 90 kilometers away from Pyongyang. This made the United States to pressurize North Korea to enter a treaty on the non proliferation of nuclear weapons (Kristensen, 2005). However, it can be noted that North Korea refused to sign a safeguards agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency, an obligation it had as a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (McNeeley, 2005).Most of the North Koreans politicians are not focusing on the country and by agreeing to engage in events of producing nuclear weapon knowing they will affect many people, shows how greedy they re and not ready to develop the country.

In 1988, the South Korea government called some new efforts of promoting the South and North Korea exchange, inter-Korean trade and family reunification plus contact in the international forums (Pollack, 2006).

The initiative was followed up to the United Nation general assembly and it was at this time that the South Korean government did offer a chance of discussing security issues with their North Korean counterparts. Some form of meeting was held by the two nations but they did not yield a lot of fruits. However, it is noted that the two governments did agree on various issues such as nonaggression, agreement on reconciliation and lastly but not least declaration on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula (Brannan, 2006). Nonetheless, it was in 1991 when the South and North Korea signed those agreements. On the other hand the agreement on declaration on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula came into effect in February 1992 (Vaughn, 2003). This agreement had stipulated that both nations would not produce, store, possess, deploy or test nuclear weapons. Also it had stated out clearly that both nations would not possess a nuclear reprocessing and uranium enrichment facilities (Pollack, 2006). The Politian's are taking long to come into an agreement yet the members of North Korea and south Korea are suffering .political really mater as the one exercised in Korean by the leaders, is not ready to improve the country financially.

Moreover it is evident that the government of North Korea did sign a nuclear safeguard agreement with the IAEA and this was in agreement with what it had pledged in 1985 when they were acceding to the nuclear non proliferation treaty (Brannan, 2006). This agreement hence gave the IAEA authorities to inspect their facilities. A North-South joint nuclear control commission was subsequently established but subsequent meetings which were held by the parties involved did not yield anything since they failed to reach an agreement on the main issue of establishing a bilateral inspection regime (Pollack, 2006).

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The controversy between southern and northern Korea, which would have been put to an end by the politician has made them economically unstable. However, during the month of July, when the prime minister of North Korea visited South Korea during a talk of economy, he pressurized North Korea on the importance of cooperation between the parties involved. This did not yield any fruits and as it can be noted, that the IAEA did refuse to grant permission to the IAEA inspectors to two unreported nuclear facilities (Poneman, 2007).

With the happening, the North Korean can be said to have ignored their initial agreement with South Korea and hence making the world to be suspicious about their intentions. Also due to the lack of progress on the implementation of the denuclearization accord, it triggered action by both parties and this led to North Korea declaring that it had withdrawn from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (McNeeley, 2005). With the announcement, the progress which had been made by the two nations came into a halt and tension became high at the Korean Peninsula since the confrontation between the United States and North Korea became too much deeper. Lack of politicians who minds about other people can really affect the countries economy. North Korean dirty political game makes them pretend they have already forgotten about an agreement with southern Korea.

The overriding ending of the majority of current policy studies is that political issues play an unimportant role in influencing strategies outputs. In 1993, the United Nation Security Council passed a resolution urging North Korea to cooperate with the international atomic energy agency and hence implement the 1991 agreement (Vaughn, 2003). The resolution also urged all the member states to encourage North Korea to respond according to the resolution in order for a solution to be found (Kristensen, 2005). On the other hand the United States also held some talks with North Korea in 1993 which is said to have led to a joint statement which outlined the principles for continued US-North Korea dialogue and also about the North Korea withdrawal from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (Poneman, 2007). Several talks have been held but progress has not been reported.

This conflict has all be about North Korea developing its own nuclear weapons which has been heavily criticized by several countries and more so the United States. However, some of the differences emanates from North Korea refusing to adhere to the United Nations security council of allow IAEA experts to inspect their nuclear facilities. Nonetheless, during the various meeting that have been held with the parties involve, North Korea has raised various concerns which among them involves security for their country. For instance, during the Bush administration, North Korea perceived the administration as hostile and accused it of wanting to overthrow their government. Another issue that has been pointed by North Korea is the issue of construction of light water reactors due to the fact that under the 1994 framework, they had agreed that two light water reactor would be construction if they closed the graphite moderated nuclear plant (Bajoria, 2010). Also North Korea has suggested that diplomatic relations should be normalized and this should be a part of giving up their ambitions. On the other hand normalization of trade should be implemented since the US administration has placed heavy financial sanctions against them and they see this as an uncooperative attitude towards them (Bajoria, 2010). This shows that past innovations exert an asymmetric collision on the provisional instability of exchange rates.

To show that political matters, There is a six party talks which are currently aimed at ending the North Korea Nuclear program and the parties involved in the negotiation involves, both South and North Korea, United States, China, Japan and Russia (Bajoria, 2010). These talk commenced in 2003 and they have been bedeviled with several standoffs amongst the six parties involved and this has been mainly between North Korea and the US. As it can be noted, in 2009, North Korea withdrew itself from the talk and declared that it would reverse the disablement process which was called by the six parties' agreement and resume the Yongbyon nuclear facility (Bajoria, 2010). However, it has been attributed by various experts that the talks won't yield any fruits due to the fact that North Korea is determined to continue with their ambition and hence experts have suggested that the best mechanism is managing the threat that is being posed by North Korea. There have been numerous rounds of negotiation which culminated in an agreement in 2005 whereby North Korea agreed to abandon its quest to become a nuclear power; however the country broke their promise later on (Bajoria, 2010). Nonetheless, it can be noted that the Obama administration has been pursuing the talks with other four countries so as to ensure they bring North Korea back to the talks (Bajoria, 2010).

In 1994 the US and North Korea agreed on a framework which stipulated that North Korea would freeze its existing nuclear program and also agree to the enhanced IAEA safeguard (Poneman, 2007).

Also the two nations agreed that North Korea would cooperate and replace the graphite-moderated reactors for related facilities with light-water power plants among other agreement (Poneman, 2007). Other agreement which were contained in the framework was that both countries would move toward full normalization of economic and political relation (Poneman, 2007). On the other hand, it was agreed that North Korea and the US would work together for the sake of peace and also a nuclear free Korean peninsula (Poneman, 2007). Nonetheless, the agreed framework did not last for a long time as North Korea continued pursuing their ambitions and subsequent breaching all terms of agreement. Up to date, it is evident that North Korea has refused to adhere to the various agreements concerning the development of nuclear weapons and they have carried various tests up to date.

In conclusion, politic normally maters when it comes to countries economy. People way of life is also determined by the political. North and South Korea are experiencing the mentioned problem due to the political instability in their countries. If the leaders could at one time consider the residence, and stop their quest for nuclear, there could be no danger possessed to the world.


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