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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a body under the United Nations wing. It deals with advocacy of the rights of asylum seekers, refugees, stateless persons and internally displaced persons. UNCHR negotiates and disseminates information so as to se to it that policies are transformed to fit the priorities of the people that it has responsibility over (Loescher, Betts & Milner 69).

The UNCHR advocates for the rights of individuals across the world. For instance, it advocates for the rights of people in Malaysia through efforts to come to a consensus with the Non-Governmental organizations, governments, the private sector and other stakeholders. Their aim is to have a common ground that is welfare Maximization centered (Loescher 114).

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In the United States of America, the UNCHR department in Washington DC has managed to resolve the issues of striking a balance between genuine security concerns and international refugee protection. The same is the aim of the UNHCR in other parts of the world such as North America. One of the reasons why this balance has been arrived at is due to the introduction of standards of refugee protection. If this is implemented in other parts of the world, similar results are bound to be attained.

The UNCHR reaches out to millions of people throughout the world and educate them on the need for community development, protection, resource mobilization, education, healthcare, and the need to come up with durable solutions to existing problems. Recently, the UNCHR has played a huge role in advocating for the rights of refugees from Sudan, Africa. Statistics indicate that UNCHR has helped more than 50million people to restart their lives (Loescher 56).

It is clearly evident that the UNCHR body takes its mandate with utmost seriousness in a bid to offer hope to individuals who may have lost the hope of leading meaningful lives. It gives them the opportunity that they need.


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