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Racial segregation refers to the separation of humans in different racial groups, in daily activities. It can also be referred to as apartheid. On the other hand, slavery refers to treating of individuals as property to be bought and free labor.

Both slavery and racial segregation existed in USA and South Africa, but there origin differs. Segregation in USA started with enslavement of Africans in the year 1502. Although slavery reduced in the year 1865, the blacks in America remained second class citizen in the united state of America. Slavery mainly existed in the area with arable land for cash crop farming these crops were produced in large plantations. Examples of the crops include production of cash crops in large plantations, such as tobacco, cotton, sugar and coffee. The black people worked in these plantations as slaves, and their main work was to provide manual labor in times of raising and harvesting.

In South Africa, segregation was due to two causes; exploitation of gold and diamond in the early 19th century and as a result of election of the nationalist party in 1948. In South Africa segregation transformed into apartheid in the year 1965 and it continued to 1990. After the 1984 election, there was a formation of boundaries between the white and black. At birth identification of people included being black, Asian or white. Apartheid caused a separation of blacks and the white; it forbade the interaction and intermarriage of blacks and the white. Racial boundaries divided schools, restaurant, streets and other institutions. Unlike the blacks, whites favored whites, while the blacks stayed in poor housing structures, and they were not even allowed to stay near cities. In 1994 after Nelson Mandela had won the election with the African National Congress negotiation started aiming to put an end to apartheid.

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Impact of Segregation, Slavery and Apartheid in both United States and South Africa

Segregation, slavery and apartheid have affected both countries negatively and positively. The slavery and segregation in South Africa caused the separation of blacks and whites. The white got favors more than the blacks and most of the blacks ended up being slaves for the whites. The black community in South Africa was not able to access to a high standard of education compared to whites. In USA, the education to the blacks seemed illegal. It was punishable by law for blacks to acquiring any form of education. In South Africa, there existed segregation of the apartheid system schools, therefore, the quality and quantity of education varied across racial groups.

The blacks were not able to own properties such as land in the both South Africa and USAs. In 1990, after segregation came into existences, South Africa got partially prohibited in engagement of trade and this ended up affecting the country’s relation with the other countries.

In other countries, internal resistance and violence resulted from segregation. For example in South Africa, apartheid caused strikes and violence and most of the individual who got involved in this strikes were the blacks. Most of the black community in USA involved themselves in demonstration so as to eradicate segregation; this caused unrest in the both countries.

Segregation and slavery in USA and South Africa created hate between the white and blacks. Segregation caused an increase in a feeling of distrust between the white and blacks. This was so intense, and it even caused segregation in the jails.

Existence of segregation and slavery has enabled the South Africa and USA in its social development, political and economic growth. The countries were able to overcome the slavery and segregation. Therefore, the South Africa people were able to focus on development of the country rather than dealing with segregation and slavery.


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