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The key reason of choosing the topic, concerning illegal immigrants of US and their impact on the demography of the country, is the fact that American society is called the melting pot and it consists of the variety of different nations. My topic is very urgent because nowadays, the status of the illegal immigrants’ children is not defined completely and the total amount of the illegal newborn baby is approximately 8% of the total new born children in US. More than that in the case if the newborn inhabitants of US are not provided with the citizenship, their basic human rights won’t be protected and the key objective of my research paper is defining the problem of illegal migrants and their families and outlining the key points of this aspect of the social life.

The main statement of the research paper is that the human rights of the new born babies of illegal migrants should be protected and this question should be supported by the governmental measures due to the fact that US is considered to be one of the most friendly to the immigrants country and that the representatives of different nations are inhabiting US and are the part of the multinational society of our country. The research is carried out on the example of the Arizona state, where the new legislation, concerning the immigrants is being developed and the first steps of its practical implementation are currently being carried out.

While talking in account the political satire as the tool of making positive changes in the social life of the country, it is important to make an emphasis on the following issues. First of all in majority of cases the political satire tool is not related to any form of the political protest, dissent of the attempts of rebellion organizing. That is caused by the following factors: first of all, it does not carry out the agenda and also it does not seek for making the influence on the political process, changing of the governmental structure and core principles of activity. At the same time, it may provide the entertainment for the mass and this entertainment may attract additional attention to the core problems of the social life and assist the implementation of the positive changes inside of the society. The core feature of the political satire is the practical application of the wise humor to the current problems. At the same time it rarely offers the constructive approach towards these problematical issues. That is why it is possible to make a conclusion that the political satire usually offers the establishing of the social error and its outlining in the unusual form rather that proposing the well-grounded solution towards the problem solving.

Finally, it is important to make an emphasis that the practical application of the political satire in the light of the illegal immigrants’ problems and the status of their new born kids in particular, may be applied as an effective tool of attracting additional attention to this problem. That issue may be supported by the numbers, graphs and caricatures which, in turn, would concentrate the attention of the common citizens of US on the problem of illegal migrants. It is obvious that this problem cannot be eliminated from the current social life due to the fact of its scales and urgency. The effective solution for the discussed problem is expected from the governmental structures- developing and implementing an effective legislation and also the mass attitude towards illegal inhabitants of US. The collaboration of people with the government is an effective solution of the problem, which may also be assisted by the practical implementation of wise and effective political satire.


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