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A bottleneck in any process occurs when input comes in faster than the outputs. Bottlenecks are major causes of problems for any company, it is very critical to identify the root causes. The Goldratt's Theory which is referred to as the Theory of Constraints (TOC) in any organizations can be measured and controlled by varying throughput, operating expense, and the inventory. Throughput refers to money generated through sales of organizational products, while inventory is invested money in to order to make sells of goods and services and operating expense are the monies needed in order to turn inventory into throughput. Bottlenecks can either be short term or long term.

The main important thing in any process is the identification and fixing bottlenecks. If not resolved quickly they can cause a lot of problems, ranging from lost revenue and customers, wasted time and high stress in team members.

According to Goldratt's Theory the essence of the theory of constrain approach is that starts by a routine check to identify a constrained area within a process, such can be noticed by long wait times, backlogged work or even high stress levels on team members working on that particular region. After identification, focus on the constraints so as to exploit it fully through subordinating all the other operation. To effectively unblock the bottleneck the theory proposes an increase the efficiency of the bottleneck step through removing all other activities that results to wastage of time, decreasing the input to the bottleneck step, assign most productive team members and add capacity in the bottleneck process. Finally, it is important to follow the process of ongoing improvement so as eliminate any future bottlenecks and improvements in productivity and efficiency.In conclusion, to avoid bottlenecks TOC should be whose objective should be to continually strengthen the production chain by identifying and strengthening the weakest link in the process. Identify the system's constraint that requires very little effort. Exploit the system's constraint and find a way to complete molding changeovers at a faster rate.


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