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I: IntroductionII: Long Body ParagraphAn essay is elementally a piece of writing describing a known subject, an unknown object, or explaining the occurrence of a certain phenomenon commonly found in nature. Essays are ordinarily written in educational settings, for example, as seen in high schools, colleges, and universities where they are usually used as a mode of assessment. In order to ascertain the attainment of these educational objectives it is important to provide a clear description of the process to be followed when writing an essay. Writing an essay requires the application of well chosen and reached on approaches and techniques, which are aimed at providing eligible content that guarantees the achievement of the desired learning and assessment objectives.

Ordinarily an essay must have a clear introduction that familiarizes the reader with the subject, clear body paragraphs explaining the subject, and clear conclusion on the subject. First, before one begins writing an essay it is important to prepare the reference material that you will need for the particular subject. Once the reference material is available one needs to extract the relevant content that will be used in form of citations. When doing this one needs to note the pages and details of the book. Secondly, depending on the subject being written on one should decide on the type of referencing that will be used to quote the citations. These will form the basis of the whole essay content in order to ascertain the sources. Thirdly, one needs to prepare an outline that will be used to provide the full content of the essay. In normal circumstances the outline follows the topical sentences that will be used for each paragraph. Fourthly, the actual writing begins following the outline initially prepared for the essay. In the introduction, it is important to provide a clear thesis statement that will guide the actual writing process. The main body of the essay usually consists of well written paragraphs. The first sentence in each paragraph is the topical sentence. The following sentences are explanatory sentences providing supportive information for the topical sentence. Moreover, one needs to choose the vocabulary matching the subject being discussed, for example, if it is a medicine essay then one should use correct medical terms or alternatively if it is an engineering essay one should use correct engineering terms to describe some aspects where there is need. Care should be taken to avoid the use of jargons or bid words. Fifth, a good complete essay usually entails certain qualities which must be met. These include the use of proper grammar, proper spelling, and sentences written in a flowing manner. For an essay written incorrectly the opposite is usually true whereby sentences are written in a non flowing manner while they contain evident spelling and grammar mistakes. A correctly written essay therefore follows the correctly outlines procedures without deviating from any of the understated elements.

The art of writing a good essay is not a common occurring factor for all learners leading to the need for learners to equip themselves with good essay writing skills. These skills would ordinarily entail a proper choice of reference material, a good grasp of grammar and spelling skills, a proper choice of topical sentences and vocabulary depending on the subject. In addition, writing a good essay entails preparing an outline and dividing the whole essay into distinct sections. These aspects are what make an essay to have the necessary clarity that will lead to the attainment of learning objectives. It is therefore mandatory for one to choose the correct approaches and techniques from the beginning, which will eventually lead to an eligible content that guarantees one achieving the desired learning outcomes.


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