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Establishing the need for changeThis is the first step in the process of change for Pegasus company. As the head of the human resource development department, I have identified several problems with this company that need to be changed.Identifying the criteria for change

After the problem is identified, the next step is to look for possible means and ways to solve it. My team has been looking closely into this, and some of the criteria that it has come up with include; reorganizing the structure of the organization in the various departments and organize for leadership training for the leaders and the workers in general.In this step, appropriate logistics and strategies are made before any action is taken. Since some of the recommended criteria include reorganization and training, affected members will have to be informed of the new plans, their advantages and disadvantages. Members will also have to be informed of how the reorganization and the training are going to benefit them.

Once the criteria for change has been indentified, the appropriate action has to be taken on time or else every effort done may be rendered useless. In this steps therefore, the structure of the organization is going to be reorganized and the workers will also be taken through several training sessions after the reorganization has successful be conducted.Role specificationAfter the reshuffle and training, members of staff find themselves in new working environments where they are not sure of what to do. Specifying the roles of the individuals will be a great help so as to avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding. This will also ensure that no projects or assignments are left unattended to.

Implementation of changeEverything has now been put in order and it is time for the change to be implemented. This step involves institutionalizing of the changes made. Managers and workers have to walk the chat and serve as the role models. All the systems and culture in the organization have to be conducted in the new acquired behaviors.


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