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The Port of Helsinki is a ten year plan expected to be the biggest in the country. The $15-billion port is also expected to be one of the top five largest ports in the world. The main aim of setting up this port is to snatch the cargo from the Helsinki town whose growth is controlled by urban development and environmental concerns.

The Design of the Port

The Helsinki port is expected to have a capacity of three million shipping container per year and therefore proper engineering will have to be applied in the construction of the port so as to achieve the desired design that will deliver a good port infrastructure and enhance performance in the port. It will stretch along the Helsinki Sea at a distance of 20 miles and occupy 6500 acres of land since it will be used as a cruise port as well as a cargo port.

The port will have docks where vessels moor,equipment and personnel to load and unload cargo vessels,proper infrastructure for transportationsuch as highways, railways, and pipelines and Cargo storage areas. It will also have roads leading to the loading zones of the cargo from the containers. A town will be built within the port to serve the port as a shopping center. It will have parking lots for workers working at the port. A hospital and banking halls will also be built to serve the port workers.

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A security wall will be built around the port to ensure that there is security of the cargo coming in to the country through the sea. A police station will also be built in the port to enhance on security and security lights will be placed on the cargo loading zones to make sure that the cargo is very much safe.

Future Expansion

The main issue concerning future expansion is land because it is the main necessity here. A space of about 1600 acres will be left unconstructed so as to put up anything if need be like a processing company or for expansion of the container loading zones and the docks. The land can also be used to build a recreation center like a beach which can be used to generate money to run the port and enhance tourism.

Environmental Awareness

The increased awareness of environmental conditions has considerably influenced port planning and operations. The deepening of channels to maintain navigation involves removing soil, sand and rock from the bottom sea.

Because deepening disturbs the bottom sea materials as well as the plants and animals living in the water, its environmental impact depends partly on the type of sea soil. Ifthe sea soil is contaminated, disturbing the soil, sand and rocks underwaterdamage the environment by releasing these contaminants. These contaminants may kill the plants and animals living under water.

Also the stagnant water that settles behind the structures may lead to increase of planktons in the water thus more un-dissolved oxygen and this causes water contamination. Due to this a proper citing of the port should be done so that there is a sewage system should be planned to manage the area. A port also causes bottom contamination due to the stagnant water which endangers the aquatic life thus high level of cleanliness should be maintained along the port.

The air is also at risk of pollution from the noise of the ships, cargo trucks and cranes. This can be minimized by use of low noise equipment or installation of sound insulation fences along the port. Dust and exhaust from the automobiles also pollute the air. This can be controlled by water scattering in the loading sites for the case of dust pollution and using low Sulphur fuel on the automobiles for the case of exhaust pollution.

Possible discharges from the ships like oil wastes sewage and garbage which may endanger the aquatic life should be properly disposed and in case of an oil spill, treatment chemicals should be available to treat the water.


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