Michael Collins was born in October 16, 1890, and passed away in August 22, 1922. Collins was an Irish revolutionary leader, MP for Cork South and Minister for Finance in the initial Dail of 1919. Apart from being a politician, he was a member of the Irish delegation in Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations and a director of intelligence for the IRA. Consequently, he was both Commander-in-chief and Chairman of the provisional Government. He was also the President of the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB). Michael Collins was shot and murdered during the Irish Civil War.

Collins as an Irish rebel, he led to the fight for independence from their colony (British). He was reach and bright study of the nature of leadership and politics. In his characters, he was courageous, brave, tenacious, hardworking, given to boyish pranks, a lover of elderly and children, and a dedicated leader. When he a young man, he was heavy smoker, but in 1919 he halt, saying "cigarette are making him slave, he cannot be a slave to nothing." In war, Michael tactics were very successful, among them were; he had organized a greatly Dáil loan to uphold the Revolutionary Government. He masterminded attack through reprisal technique of guerrilla warfare, which defended them from British Empire. Collins was working day and night to ensure that his country regained its independence.

In terrorism, Carlos Marighella says that it is very had to define terrorism since it constitutes a lot forms which makes it difficult to define. However, many researchers have come out with various distinction definitions of terrorism; some of them define it as the use of terrorizing ways of governing or opposing the government. Others' says "it's a symbolic act designed to influence political behaviour by extranormal means, entailing the use or threat of violence", while others' author define it as an expression of anger, of feeling alone, angry and helpless.

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The earliest form of terrorism was about freedom fighting and civil war. From above definition, we can see that it's an expression of anger, now in our case, when people are denied freedom in their own country, they felt anger, and that's why they start opposing through violent. Since 1945, terrorism has increased as the world becomes globalized. The use new technology has caused a massive deaths' in terrorist act. For example, the United States, especially during President Bush regime has been in forefront in fighting against terrorist, they have used missile to destroy their enemies but their target has failed and kill innocent people (a good example is Afghanistan).

There are various reasons for committing terrorism, some of them are: first is betrayal, when a person or a group felt betrayed, then they opt to revenge (for example, Osama Bin Laden was a big ally of US, but when the United States started attacking Muslims like in Indonesia, Osama felt betrayed by his ally and that's why he revenged). Also, terrorism can be caused by political influence, religious, or criminal. To elaborate, in political, the politicians can organized a militia groups to cause terrorism against their opponents for political gain, while in religious, there are many differences in religious, and instead of solving those dissimilarities in democratic manner, they opt to resolve it through terrorism (for example, Catholics killing protestants or Shiites killing Sunnis). Another cause of terrorism is lack of revolutionary ideology. At present days, many people don't have revolutionary ideology, and if they have any dissimilarity, they opt to solve it through an act of terrorism.

There are also some barbaric culture which support terrorism, for example, Muslim culture say that if a person dies in war, he/she will definitely goes direct to heaven and meet virgins. This is why terrorism in Muslim nations is at high rate compared to Christian nations. There are some cultures which advocate resolving dissimilarities through war, which can result to massive deaths, and this would be an act of terrorism. I can urge communities and societies to do away with these outdated cultures and focus with beneficial or reproductive culture.

There are other authors' who have come with a permanent solution of terrorism, among them is Ahmad's (2002), who recommend that terrorism cannot be abolished through war. There are many ways of solving terrorism like diplomatic ways, but through terrorism, the terrorist will opt for revenge, and this shows that the combat will be endless. However, if the dissimilarities are solve in a human way, then it will bring peace between opponents. I can sail in the boat with Ahmad's as we need a permanent solution for terrorism.

Also, I cannot consider a country like America as a revolutionary of was because in past it hasn't used a diplomatic manner in solving terrorism. America has involved itself in many combats against terrorist, such as Iraq, Afghanistan and many more. These wars have created a lot of hate, in present, many Muslims hate Americans, what we don't know if the Muslims will continue with their ravage against Americans. If America would have solved the issue through a diplomacy method, then hate could not be there. In fact, Muslims would be the greatest friends with Americans since they were not communist (a good example is Osama). The role of Hezbollah in Lebanon only make a slightly changes in the meaning of terrorism.


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