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One may get anxious when he or she stumbles upon a website with articles or descriptions that are well-known.... That one realizes that they belong to a assured source. That is, your original work has been bootlegged! Your personal information or work has been copied possibly for someone else's advantage. What should you do?

Once your work has been copied (an individual has stolen and alleged as his own), you should first contact and confront the content theft and find out what really went wrong. Whether they forgot to cite the source? What's the purpose of the work for that particular organization? And thereafter ask for it to be removed. If that does not work, the next step is to get in touch with the website manger, administrator, or the authoritative body on the website. Let them know the issue and provide them with your website address and show what u suppose is the copied or stolen content. If that is in vain you may as well opt for legal action if need be. The main reason for doing this is to protect your original work against being copied.

Theft of content or plagiarism according to U.S. law states that articulating original ideas is considered intellectual property, and therefore it is protected by copyright laws, as long as they are coded in a given manner. The following acts qualify as breach of copyright: not quoting the borrowed content, not citing sources correctly, changing words while leaving the structure of the sentence, majority of the work has been borrowed, claiming someone's to be yours, and lastly copying without credit.

Therefore there are factors that the court considers when individual work has been copied which include: the amount and substantiality of the portion used which is considered the most quantifiable, consider the potential market for the copied content. Legally, the court determines the trial and concludes that the use by any internet search engines of the copyrighted material is a prima facie copyright violation, but this violation may be justified under "Fair Use" doctrine which is the affirmative defense in this case. Thankfully, there are plenty ways of avoiding such cases, they include the reversing of the qualification of plagiarism as mentioned earlier.


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