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This is a summary of the article “Don’t dwell on it: the impact of rumination on emotional sensitivity, written by Johnston L, Carter J and McLellan T. the article was published in the journal of social and clinical psychology, vol 30, 2011. Behavior is closely tied to an individual’s effective state. The facial expressions of anyone are a reliable source of telling their emotional status. This means that in order for someone to posses’ effective interpersonal communication, they should accurately identify facial expressions. Inability to identify facial expressions leads to wrong response, which can easily cause a misunderstanding. Depression and other deficits in recognizing facial expressions are neurodegenerative or developmental disorder.

A research done to investigate the relationship between the levels of depressive symptoms and the state of interaction with respect to facial expression showed the following result. In order for one to retain functionality through social perception, he or she needs to be sensitive to different expressions since they specify underlying emotional state. For instance, one should differentiate between someone smiling when happy and another smiling when not happy. This is important for one to be able to communicate effectively in a social environment.

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If one is happy, their smile involves the contracting of zygomatic muscle. This is the actual muscle that which pulls the lip corners up. The same experience of happiness involves use of orbicularis oculi. This muscle causes wrinkles in the corners of the eye. This means that smiles without these features are associated with sadness. They are also called none enjoyment smiles. Naturally occurring depression influence someone’s sensitivity to information that is not verbal. Facial expression is one such non-verbal information. However, if someone is suffering from high level of depression have a negative bias when judging facial expressions.

This particular article was chosen because it has detailed information concerning the impact of rumination on emotional sensitivity. It analyzes whether sensitivity to the varying types of depression. This is because many people feel mild depression every now and then. Biases in social biases judgment play a significant role in maintenance of depression. The method used in this study questionnaire. A questionnaire is a research instrument that should consist of questions, which will enable one in gathering information about the desired subjects. In this particular study, the participants completed an emotion recognition task on the computer. The wordings and phrasing of the questions in this questionnaire was designed so that they are easy for the respondent to answer. Most of the questions were structured to be answered in a single word, either yes or no. Others would require a number like one, two, three, or four. The questions were not challenging to the Participants and most of them did not need further clarification. They were shown pictures of female targets with neutral expressions. The images could express posed or spontaneous happiness or sadness. Up to 40 female students participated in this study. Since the questionnaire was thorough, the results obtained are reliable. The total score for each scale tabulated after computation. They showed that most participants did not identify any emotion on a neutral expression. Neutral expression displayed neither happiness nor sadness. Posed and spontaneous expressions of these two emotions were identified to be showing happiness or sadness on the specific emotion shown.

The other method used in this study is searching for information from secondary sources. Great psychologist like Maddock, Hargrave, Winton and Oswald analyzed the impact of rumination on emotional sensitivity and provided data on the same.


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