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The Reeve was a very thin person with violent attitudes. His tempers were fierce. He had short hair with bald forehead. He was tall and thin with long straight feet that looked weak and lifeless. There was no flesh visible on the calves. He knew very well how to manage a farmyard. He carried out his duties very nicely and tactfully such that he would come out successful on each occasion. He understood his type of business clearly and was able to make good decisions, based on different seasons and the type of harvest that could bring good profits.

The Reeve was employed by a master, where his responsibility was to look after all of his stock, the cattle, the swine, the poultry, the flock of sheep, dairy, and horses. He worked for the master since he was twenty years and entered into an agreement with the master where he was given the full mandate of handling all accounts. He was never in any arrears with anybody. Nobody was working on the farm, not even a farmer, manager or a shepherd, but he had developed ways of cheating, and evading responsibilities. He would not let his master understand his game since he was very harsh and feared by many.

He was cleverer than his master. He made right decisions in acquiring wealth. He was wealthy and successful. He owned more riches than his master. He lived in a good house on a large field, covered with green trees that provided enough shade. He was a carpenter at a young age and learnt new skills to do good trade. He rode on a grey male horse marked with grey spots called scot. He wore a long blue coat like a person from a Christian group and carried a rusty sword. He came from Norfolk - a town near Bawdswell. The reeve was on the mind of the people throughout the journey.

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Interpretations and Impressions

The story brings out an individual who is good at his game, with well-executed plans that ensure his survival.

The Reeve is hideous and cunning. He wears a long blue coat hitched and tied up in a way that makes him appear like a person belonging to a Christian religious group. This disguises his character of a wealthy and cunning individual. It is clear that there was no individual, farmer or shepherd working on the farm, but the Reeve had developed ways of cheating and evading the duties or responsibilities. He would not let the master be able to draw an easy breathe.

He was very wealthy and acquired his wealth intelligently. He lived in a good house that was on an open space covered with green trees, more so he had acquired many riches. This brings him out as an individual who is rich and wealthy.

He is skilful in the sense that he was a carpenter at a young age and his skills were rated first. He used these skills to be able to acquire a lot of wealth and riches. He lived in a good house on an open space. He always carried out his duties skillfully and was successful in all the businesses he did.

He was shrewd. He knew very well how to make a practical judgment on which season to harvest whatever he had, so as to make good profits. He was shrewder than his master was and was able to acquire private riches where he lived in a good house on an open space covered with green trees.

He was responsible. He controlled his master’s cattle, swine, poultry, flock, horses, sheep, and dairy. He was given the accounting responsibility and was never in arrears with anybody.

The choucer was conveying that an individual could portray different characteristics in order to survive. He tries to show that people can be responsible, yet deceitful and cunning. The pilgrim has many characters that indentify him as a responsible and respectable man. However, he displays certain characteristics that tell he is not as good as he appears.


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