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John Kennedy’s quotation, “We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought” was made in his public address at Yale on 11th June 1962 when he was about to be vetoed by his political opponents over the fall of the American stock market. In his speech, the 35th American President reiterated the significance of disclosing real economic and political positions of America for the sake of developing appropriate remedial strategies. He also warned the American public against intentionally fixed falsified rhetoric, fabricated myths and impractical opinions in public affairs.

John Kennedy’s quotation applies in the American government and politics. Most of the popular political and economic decisions made in the U.S. today are largely influenced by the political masses notwithstanding their aftermath. In the process of making these uninformed decisions, the public blindly support these political leaders who are over-carried by political whims and party popularity. As such, the American political leadership is much susceptible to prejudices and mass actions other than sound political and economic policies in public administration.

The 35th American President’s notion that “Americans enjoy comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thoughts” became clear when U.S. decided to carry out a military attack against Afghanistan in 2004. A section of the Congress was opposed to the idea of military operations in the foreign territory on economic grounds but majority finally pushed for the war. Americans today suffer untold economic ordeal that resulted from the unrealistic military expenditures necessary to sustain the ongoing operation. Unfortunately, the war has not achieved any of the anticipated results since the Taliban militias still go strong. The U.S. foreign military exercise is a big failure contrary to the federal government’s earlier claim that it would exterminate terrorism.


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