Free «A Space Odyssey» Essay Sample

It is a movie done by Stanley Kubrick. The movie looks at how man developed from a man-ape. Man-apes depended on berries and nuts for food. In the movie, a monolith giant appears on earth and stars experimenting with the Apes. The giant probes and develops their minds; it takes special interest on Moon Watcher, since he was the only man-ape who walked in a fully upright manner. Few selected apes were taught during night time, and they innovated during the day. With time the man- ape evolves. His brain grew; he invented language and organized himself into civilizations. The movie considers the evolution that has led to the development of a man, as well as the evolution that he may undergo in future.

The movie has used astronomy. This is seen through the space exploration. It shows how space exploration might be one day: long journeys and advanced technology. In the movie this can be seen through the manned flights to the Saturn and induced human hibernation. Sociology is brought out in the movie when Tycho, one of the moon's craters is examined. A large black slab called Tycho, a magnetic anomaly, was discovered. It was three million years in age.

The movie explores the innovation of technology; its advantages and disadvantages. This is through the use of the artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence is a science of engineering that makes intelligent machines. It is a branch of the Computer Science. Dangers of technology are seen in Hal, an early human-like computer. Hal malfunctions and man does not seem to know the inner workings of a machine he created.


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