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Jazz music represents the exclusive genre that expresses the idea of improvisation. Among the representatives of it is the unusual Grammy Award-winning saxophonist, the King of Smooth Jazz, Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, known as Kenny G. His band’s concert called as An Evening of Rhythm and Romance that took place at Humphrey’s By the Bay, in San Diego, California, in 2008, will be the object of the critical examination in this paper.

Kenny G’s band consists, beside him (saxophone), of Robert Damper (piano, keys), Vail Johnson (bass guitar), Daniel Bejarano (drums), John Raymond (guitar) and Ron Powell (percussion, tambourines). Two times the contrabass and trumpet, appear too. The band’s music combines both contemporary and smooth jazz. Nevertheless, it also includes the elements of other styles, as, for instance, rock and R’n’B.

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The preferences of this concert prevail over its shortcomings. Initially, the music is extremely alive, rhythmic and lyric at the same time. The brilliant and consummate performance leaves nobody apathetic among the audience. Moreover, the solos of the musicians are highly professional and perfect. On the contrary, some parts of the concert do not present jazz in itself.

Overall, Kenny G and his band provide the listener the positive general impression and satisfaction from almost ideal musical performance. The combination of their styles enlivens everybody. Thus, An Evening of Rhythm and Romance warrants its name to the full.

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