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Inem was a beautiful lady. She is described has being one of the prettiest girls in the village where her family lived. The comparison between Inem and the narrator tells us of she was taken by the people. It is this same beauty that acts as a betrayer of her own rights. She possessed the qualities of a girl ready to be married off. She is described as well-mannered, neat, fresh-looking and a diligent lady. (288.1).

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The scenario tells us about how the girl right in the Indonesian society is still treated. The young girls face hostilities ranging from the father, to the mother, uncles and the neighbors. The history of his father further adds trouble to her list, where he is known to have been a criminal. Her mother too fearing the repercussions of protecting her daughter puts pressure on her despite being aware that she is young to fend for herself. The neighborhood too is not left out on this; the Indonesian society appears to bearing collective responsibility in disciplining those who defy the norms of the society especially the young girls. The favor for the male child too is noticed, as we are told that the boys too had the right to offer discipline on the divorced girls. In this story again a replica of what had happened to her grandmother and her mother comes to play and this is viewed to be the right passage for her.

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She was naive and inexperienced. The manner in which she interprets the whole issue concerning the marriage reveals to us her naivety. It is her own right that she is bargaining on with the Muk's mother. She pleads for help from a victim of the same circumstance though she is now mature, to be specific, but cannot infringe the rights of the same society that she grew up in. her naivety is witnessed again when she reports to a non partisan authority. Muk's mother refuses to let her go because she already got an husband. Yet there is no hope for her. She is convinced that she has the best husband, which contradicts her view on her husband. The male chauvinism is the order of the day and it's an acceptable practice. (299.111)

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She was desperate and helpless. The behavior of Inem at the time of crisis gives as a full picture of a helpless person in need of counseling. She divulges her story to Muk's mother with a view to offer her a lasting solution to her constant beating from the husband. However the age difference and the body structures is a great contrast, leaving the girl helpless and not able to defend herself incase a fight erupted. The society has closed their eyes on the woes of Inem and everything is barely left on the hands of the mothers who also are helpless. Her desperation is quite evident when she has no place to go to and that everybody seems to deny her a place for refuge. She divorces and Muk's mother denies her a chance to come back and distance herself from her.

She was a lady full of perseverance. Inem was so persistent in what seemed to be tough times in her early life. After she had been rejected she went back to her home, to be sure, in what seemed that she was trying to claim her place. She was beaten by the uncles, aunts and even the brothers not living behind the neighbors. She was so grieved but she kept on withstanding all the mistreatment she was inflicted on her. All this was happening in front of her mother who for the sake of respect for the norms and traditions of the society she undermines her daughter and chooses to disregard the girls' right. The Indonesian society shows how men are hostile to women and to girl child. It tells as that there is no place for women in the Indonesian society.

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