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Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz is a movie written by Koichi Tokita and directed by Yasunao Aoki and it was first released in 1998. The movie runs for approximately 90 minutes. The stage is set when Treize kushrenada dies after the 196 colony and the Gundam soldiers, who are five young soldiers referred to as Gundam pilots establish peace between the colonies and the earth through an operation dubbed "meteor". The story is widely narrated using flashbacks. The adventure commences one year after the conclusion of Gundam wing series when "The Space Colonies" and the "Earth" come together to form the "Earth Sphere Unified Nation" .The abdication of Darlian/Relina peace craft as a government comes after the brief reign of Queen of the Earth. This paper provides a summary to the movie The Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz.

The sending or hiding of the giant or huge Gundams, which refers to the large, robot, armor suits is initiated, as there is no need of weapons in the peaceful times. The fragile peace suffers when the sinister Barton triggers a revolt with an aim of making "Marimeaia", daughter of Treize Khushrenada, an absolute leader or ruler of the new nation. Should the earth fail or refuse to accept the order and reign, Barton promises to crash one of the space colonies onto the surface of the earth. Only the Gundam pilots can resolve the crisis, with the help of former villains or enemies and former friends. The scriptwriter Sumisawa Katsuyuki relies on lulls to relay the early lives of these former villains in a flashback mode (Mook 22).

The movie has an interesting storyline starting a year after colony 196, the Earth and its other colonies enjoy and experience in an unprecedented era peace. What follows is the hurtling or jettisoning the Gundams into the sun since there is no need for weapons of war in this peaceful nation. Unfortunately, in the peaceful state and the silence, people can hear the drums of war once again. Supporting one ruler, the Barton Foundation is rising to challenge or threaten the existing peace on the sphere of the Earth. The battle spirals into climax as the pilots strive to recover their Gundams before they can reach the sun and stop the conflict.

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The story line in this movie is comparable to an endless waltz in the sense that it has three distinct and repetitive cycles. It starts with the war looming over the earth sphere right from the formation of space colonies. The storyline is such that the colonists immigrated from earth to space with the aim of escaping the battles and conflicts on earth. Unfortunately, the corruption and greed they were running away from was soon to follow them into the space. UESA -The United Earth Sphere Alliance, instituted to govern the earth and the colonies of the earth but unfortunately, the new government was more or less just an extension of the previous or old Earth's government and therefore sought terrestrial interests and did not take care of the interests of the colonists. The unhappy lot and the dissident groups started arming themselves in the AC 150 in order to revolt against the Earth (Hajime 42).

Heero Yuy was like the representation of peace. Elected by the people in AC 165 as their leader and he took it upon himself to spread the message of the autonomy of the colony and this marked the beginning of pacifism throughout this sphere of the earth. Unfortunately, some people did not welcome the peace, which Heero Yuy sought to promote. A military industrial group called the Romafeller group which controlled the UESA planned and executed the assassination of Heero Yuy. This unfortunate turn of events resulted into instability as unrest that prompted the Romafeller to unveil OZ, its high-class military force to bring order to the colonies albeit with an iron fist.

Revolution then becomes the only viable option for the colonies in these troubling and challenging times. The dissenting leaders hatched a plan and established operation meteor, which is an apocalyptic plan to scuttle one of the space colonies onto the surface of the earth. In the occurrence of such an event, there will be unprecedented disruption of the Earths government and killing of millions of people. The plan involved the use of five of the lethal and strongest military weapons ever constructed and this was to enable the Gundams to establish a new rule and order.

Careful planning characterized the elaborate process in which the colonial leadership sought military approach as a solution to their problems. This military plane took off in AC 195 marred in disagreement between Heero Yuy, the leader of the Gundam pilots and the dissident leaders on the suitable approach to realize peace. What followed was a yearlong battle that enabled the Gundam pilots to bring peace once more to the sphere of the earth. The peace was however a fragile one and could collapse at any time with AC 196 as the age of testing this peace for the final time (Mook 29).

The movie highlights the origin of trowa in an interesting and shocking manner. A year after the end of Gundam series, Mariemeia who is the illegitimate daughter of a former war leader, Treze Krushneida the OZ chief, makes plans to be the new leader and ruler of the new nation, which entails taking over both the Space Colonies and the Earth. This is going be a tough task to accomplish and will involve an endless "waltz" of peace, revolution and war. The heroes in this wonderful movie are not pleased with the turn of events and have their plans.

Some of the past villains are no longer villains but good people, and the characters in this movie are very emotional as compared to the previous ones. The characters in this play seem to be fully aware of the dubbing and are playing very well thus creating amazing and interesting scenes. The animation of the movie, though outdated, are very wonderful in terms of the details .Macross/Robotech is amazing when it comes to animation of movies and one gets a feeling that the movie is actually a representation of the entire Gundam series. Endless Waltz is definitely a wonderful, action packed, well-done anime movie.

In conclusion, The Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz is a great improvement on the Japanese film industry since it employs the use good animation, which portrays the technological advancement in this entertainment industry. The animation of this wonderful movie is detailed and fluid and with no instances of poor or "lazy" animations (Lois 56). This is a motivation to the Japanese to the Japanese cinema and movie industry since it is a confirmation that they are capable of producing good movies with the help of technological advancements, which allow for dynamic features such as animation. The fight scenes of the movie Gundam Wing epitomize the classic nature in the use of animation.

The pictures in this movie are very nice and this highlights continued improvements on the Japanese cinema and movie industry. The music used for the production of the Endless Waltz is great in terms of the background music in the movie and the great music for the ending or conclusion of the movie. The popularity of the movie in Japan and U.S was strong due the good production of the special edition movie. The improvements of the actors is commendable as well as the great depth and increased range of the movie. The movie helped with the popularization of the Japanese series amongst the western audiences.


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