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This article clearly outlines the thoughts of many Jamaicans of varying ages, who believe that white people are more beautiful and adored because they are white. It also outlines the statements made by a doctor who explains how the bleaching chemicals being used in Jamaica affect the users.

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This site provides information about how the various varieties of skin bleaching chemicals affect the body with the acids and other chemicals in them. It also advices the way the skin bleaching should be done and the right situations that a person should use the skin bleaching chemicals.

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On this article, the use of chemical bleaching products is highly criticized and the article advises the use of homemade skin bleaching products that are easy to make and use. Moreover, it advices the advantages of using homemade product over chemical products

Under this article, various terms used under skin bleaching topic are defined. Moreover, it goes ahead to explain the various effects that skin bleaching creams and soaps have on a person. It ends with an advice of everyone accepting the way they are.

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This short article only explains some of the great dangers that a person using skin bleaching products can be faced with after a long time use of this products.

This article outlines more dangers of skin bleaching and even the dangers that third parties may experience. Example given is that of the effects to the child if the mother is using this skin bleaching products.

This article provides information of the various acids that are in the skin bleaching creams. It has also outlined the effects that each article has on the various parts of the body. The acids discussed about are alpha acids, arbutin, azelic, hydroquinone, kojic, and mercury and tretinoin acids.

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