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There was a group of international super villains who were gathered together under the Black Glove's behest. The group leader was Dr. Simon Hurt, the person who was responsible for the isolation chamber experiment that Batman underwent. The leader was also given a role creating the three Batmen's replacement. The main agenda for the group was to plan a dance macabre for Batman and they also arranged for the sending of an invitation to the villainous Joker. While in the Gotham City, Batman and Jezebel Jet (an influential model in her country) who was his new girlfriend received an invitation to attend a party that was being held by the Black Glove, of with the main objective was that of a dance macabre. The invitation made him to react fearfully believing that the Black Gloves conceivably targeted to kill his new girlfriend Jezebel. Batman had let Jezebel deep in his life and he went as far as introducing her to the Bat-cave.

Elsewhere, Gordon, who was a commissioner valiantly tried to convince a local newspaper to avoid running the dossier story that the publication had came into possession of in the past. This dossier was allegedly compiled by one detective who was hired by the parents of Batman's mother, Martha Wayne. The dossier had several surprising revelations such as the Batman's loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth was a true biological father of Bruce Wayne and that Thomas Wayne made his wife Martha to get addicted to heroin because he was a drunkard. In addition, the dossier had some photographs of an orgy involving Martha Wayne and Thomas Wayne. Further, the commissioner, Gordon was informed of bigger revelations by the editor that Thomas would be still alive and the planned murder of his wife Martha was part of a scheme to fake his own death and kill his unfaithful wife.

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The dossier itself was a part of the main game that was being played by the League of Villain and the Black Glove whereby Doctor Simon Hurt was a leader in their planned comparing against Batman. After the drugging of Batman from a tainted blade with a slashing, Doctor Simon Hurt gave the location of the Bat- cave to M'Sieur Le Bossu and his henchmen, the gargoyles. As M'Sieur Le Bossu and his minions staged an attack upon Alfred as they got their way into the cave, Batman had a computer called Bat computer that he used to analyze all the known data on Simon Hurt and the Black Glove that he already possessed. Just before he collapsed due to his exposure to the drug, Batman received a surprising result that the Black Glove was Zur-En-Arrh.

An explosion occurred that led to the death of Batman. Then, scene changed and the Nightwing was holding the cape and the mask that belonged to Batman. Both the Nightwing and the Robin titles that existed were to be stopped and in their position would be Batman's spin off referred to as the Battle for the Cowl. Here, the decision on the new Batman was to be made. Generally, the Black Glove was a group of criminal masterminds that had an elaborate plot to Batman a self destruct through convincing him that he was betrayed by his friends and even though the villains were clever they had no idea about Batman's plans to protect himself and his possessions.

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