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Kenya is found in East Africa, and enjoys a reputation of hard working citizens, and good world runners/athletes. The country is home to about 70 tribes. These tribes have their own cultures and practices, which form their basic lifestyle. Kenyans are inclined to their tribes which lead to massive corruption, and tribalism in all public offices. Each public officer has the interest of his or her tribe at heart. Political parties are formed on the basis of tribe alignment, to cling to power on the expenses of other tribes. Voters also follow the same trend of tribalism rather than the quality of a candidate.

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It is evident that families are important than tribes within the Kenyan society. Extended and nuclear family is rampant in Kenya. Parents leave their children behind, in the hands of relatives, to travel to different cities to pick up jobs. Women are the backbone of village life. They toil all day long to make family ends meet, while men do very little apart from politicking under trees, and engaging on a daily drinking spree. 

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It is unfortunate that Kenyans are not time conscious. Appointments are better made on the same day. Individuals can spare their time and attend to arising issues than plan to attend to them later. Being late for 30min to 40min for an appointment is not a very big deal. The more important a public official is, the longer you will have to wait outside his office, even when inside the office doing nothing.  

Kenyans greet each other by hand shake. This is common when men meet, and depart. The left hand in Kenya is seen as unclean, so greetings are done by use of the right hand. Passing of items is done by the right hand.  

Dressing is conservative with the ethical perspective playing the big role, in determining the type of dress or trouser to put on. Kenyans are mostly Christians with very few Muslims. The tradition religion also, has a place among the Kenyan people. The Kenyan culture is shaped by the different tribes.

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