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The film The Doors is a 1991 biopic concerning the rock band of the 1960s-1970s and emphasizes on the life of the main singer, Jim Morrison. The movie was directed by Olive Stone and other stars. The film shows Morrison as a famous life icon of the 1960s rock and roll, counterculture and the drug-using free love way of life. However, the portrayal goes beyond his fame as his alcoholism, interest in the spiritual issues and the hallucinogens that he uses.  A major emphasis is also shown with his obsession with death. The film does not also show a good relationship between Morrison and his close friends and family. 

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This paper will give an overview of how the film of Amadeus and The Door are thematically connected by editing and analyzing how the film 'The Door' has been exemplified using the storytelling method and the director's position of inspection concerning the film (Atwood,2007)  The door as a film brings out a brilliant tale but the presentation  overshadows everything going in the film by  introducing a fascinating life story that unfortunately proceeds in a frustrating drug-induced haze that tremendously soundtracks all  'The Doors' notable songs. The tale is quite interesting but all that is seen as good seems to be balanced out by something that frustrates the viewer as being an extraordinary tale that only ends up being an ordinary story (Atwood, 2007) Amadeus contradicts this by focusing on the prodigious ability of composing songs abundantly at an early age where he achieved fame but little financial security. He went to the extent of learning insatiably from others which helped him develop vividness and mature a style that encompassed light and grace along with enthusiasm that led to his subsequent profound art for music (Szabo, 2006)

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The story of the film The Door being brought out using the storytelling technique helps the viewer to perceive the visual information in detail and encode in their memory the peripheral information in detail and thus contribute to their perception of space and the layout of the scene. The incredibility of the nature of the visual attention analyzes why large changes occur in a storytelling scene without the viewer noticing, the glaring continuity of errors like cigarettes that never burn and drinks that instantly refill pestilence films that we rarely notice except when repeated for better viewing. Furthermore it is proposed that in order for the viewer to see these biases in action, they have to record the viewer's eye movements by maneuvering on the fixed image and time spent looking at each state that the storytelling film is being told.

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The editor's political point of view as a film maker is brought out as a perceptive of the recent U.S history as being an artist who unlike many modern directors can draw on important life experiences that adds depth to his vision. This gives Stone the opportunity to his critics which occasionally penetrate provocative challenges concerning the film 'The Door' by demanding views of official history of the U.S by daring us to look behind the veils of the news and some of the  writings from the story .(Szabo,2006) He furthermore adds by saying that it is a book for the people who enjoy a smart debating and classification of a logical argument that should be read by film buffs as it consists of a wide variety of  how movies handle facts and creative writing, this is possible as the director says that there are important  things that focused on the role of the cinema in the society and art in general. (Atwood, 2007).

The editor tries to keep an open avenue of hope through spirituality by battling the arrogance that gives an opportunity to re-experience his life that makes a reflective experience that continues to grow and be more soulful. Stone worked in subjects openly politically by casting them into his own, often were contradictory and personal visions that consistently stimulated controversy to the U.S. Oliver Stone politicizes the U.S that it exploits images and icons captured on the television as being a selective storytelling fact and literature by employing historical images in a different context.

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