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Part One

Auteurist theory can be defined as when the films are marketed based on the creator of the film. The creator is presumed to be the director of the films always. An argument against the auteurist theory is that it is simple and most involved in the creation of the film; for instance, the writers of the films are overshadowed. The Auteurist theory has affected the way films are marketed in that a film that has been created by a good director is likely to be viewed than a film with an unknown director. Additionally, critics use the directors of the films in criticizing the films based on the director’s reputation. This is where if the director is good the movie will be criticized according to that level. If the director is bad, the movie will be criticized on that level. This is also true because, based on the auteurist theory, the audience is likely to watch a film or buy a film that has been created by a renowned director.

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Part two

            In the films “The shining,” “Sleepless in Seattle” and “Moulin Rouge” can be categorized to be in the genre romantic. This is because the different films contain love affairs but not all of them have the same story. The main element in the three films is love that is portrayed them. For instance, “Moulin Rouge” it is a romantic comedy where love has been the main theme of the story. This is where a young poet falls in love with a musician. Therefore, the films are categorized in the genre romantic. This makes it even more a love story because the connections the different characters portray in films. On the other hand, the films go against the genre because they also have other elements that prove this otherwise. For example, in “Sleepless Seattle,” there are elements of comedy, which try to go against the genre romantic.

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