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The article reviewed pointed out a number of important points regarding to the Australian education po:

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Cranston et al. explain the great change and trends of policy over 40 years, through different successive governments of the Federal Australian (interference in the business of schools and the policy guidance), and how these changes affected the provision of education in Australia. In addition, this article discusses the change in the policy regarding decentralization of the education system during the 1970-s.

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Cranston et al. also argue whether the “great change” is beneficial for the quality of learning, and suggests that a correct policy should focus on creating an education system that provides students with the tools necessary for social mobility. Education now is a way to increase national productivity and competitiveness in the global economic market. Because of the globalization of the federal government, the intervention in the education policy is clearly traceable in the National testing regimes and the national development of curricula, such in my school. In my point of view, education is like history of the States; systems are constantly changing. Therefore, it is important that successful leaders will have the ability to adapt to all changes that occur.

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School leaders are facing an enormous challenge in their work. This is due to the intervention of the federal government, which is affecting the daily work of ''leaders''.

The Rudd Gillard policy changes put more pressure on schools to perform in the measured fields, so that they can secure funding. Because of the national tests regimes and the introduction of comparison tools between schools, leaders are required to focus on marketing their schools and obtaining good test results to compete with other institutions 

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