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The Nokia N8 stepped out of the design shop equipped with new features. No Nokia phone has such a great combination of outstanding features together (Steinbock, 2010). Nokia N8 is a true demonstration of new advances in technology. The phone has renewed interests of people who were hardly interested in phone before. Nokia N8 was introduced in the market on 30 September 2010. Consumers around the world accepted this new product since it presented new opportunities in satisfying personal, social and environmental benefits. To Nokia Corporation, introduction of Nokia N8 in the market ensured that the firm remained competitive and profitable (Andrews, 2005).  

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Overview of firms, product and brands

Nokia Corporation is a company involved in manufacturing of mobile phones. Its headquarter is in Kailaniemi, Espoo near Helsinki in Finland. The company has more than 130,000 employees operating in 120 nations around the world (Yuan, 2005). Nokia Corporation is the world's largest mobile phones manufacturer and it boasts annual revenue of over $ 50 billion. The company has research and development, manufacture, and sales sites in 16 countries. It sells its products in 150 nations around the world.    

The first touch screen phone that the company produced was the Nokia 7710. T he phone was received well in the market and it became an enormous success.  It sold more than 200 million pieces making it the best selling phone of all time. The phone made Nokia Corporation the top selling company of consumer electronics. The previous Nokia phones such as the N92 had firmware issues, which consumers did not like.  Several consumers really criticized the phone. This prompted the firm to improve software quality particularly while designing the Nokia N8.   


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The Nokia N8 is the first phone to be powered by the new Symbian^3 platform. Its most outstanding feature is its camera. It is 12- megapixel camera, which can capture Video and shoot photos simultaneously. It is designed with Carl Zeiss optics with a Xenon flash. It boosts the largest sensor ever used in any Nokia phone. The other unique feature that the phone has is its ability to record Videos while simultaneously editing them. The high definition Videos are edited in a built in editing device. There is also a 3.5 high definition capacitive touch screen. The touch screen is important as it can be used to assess flicks and footage as one plays back the video.

The features do not end there; the phone also has a HDMI connector, which can be connected to a high definition TV thus enabling the user to share his video and pictures with family members. Nokia N8 is also a portable entertainment centre; it enables the user to access web based HD quality video and TV applications (Lattanzi, & Korhonen, 2006).  The other feature that sets the phone from the crowd is it's large memory. Nokia N8 has a built-in storage of 16GB, which can be expanded with a micro SD card up to 48GB. The user can further join the social messaging website like facebook and twitter direct from the home screen. The user can share messages, photos and update his status with friends and family members.  Nokia N8 can be charged in two ways. It can be charged via a flat pin micro-USB or through a standard pin Nokia charger.  

Product characteristics

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Consumers could either reject or accept Nokia N8 when it was introduced as a new product. However, it caught the attention of consumers almost effortlessly. It achieved a widespread consumer acceptance instantly. The question that everyone is asking is why the phone achieved such a great success. The secret lies in the variety of features that were combined in this single phone. The marketers of Nokia N8 could anticipate how consumers' reaction to the phone prior to its introduction in the market. They understood the inherent features of this new product and combined it with promotional strategy. They identified various product characteristics, which the marketers knew would influence consumer acceptance of the product.

Nokia N8 had the relative advantage. This is the consumers' ability to perceive the products superiority to the existing substitutes (Häikiö, 2002). For illustration, it is the first phone to be powered by the new Symbian^3 platform. This feature makes it superior to all existing substitutes. This provides consumers with a product that is consistent with their wants causing a Nokia N8 to have relative advantage over other phones. It is compatible to a great number of devices and even though it has many features, it is simple to use. This made the product a huge success.

The other outstanding characteristic that led to the triumph of Nokia N8 is that it is not a complex product. Complexity is the level to which consumers can understand and use a new product without difficulty. Since Nokia N8 is easy to understand and use, it gained great acceptance by the consumers. The phones has 12- megapixel camera, which can captures Video and shoots photos. The user only needs to press a button for such features to be activated. The built-in editing devise edits automatically.

Finally, since Nokia N8 is a high tech product and the issue of complexity could have hindered the products wide acceptance. This is because a significant number of consumers suffer from a mild form of techno-phobia (Statesman, 2010).They fear technically complex products because they believe that techno-savvy products undergo rapid obsolescence. They also fear that such products might cause physical harm or may attract social rejection. However, the simple features in Nokia N8 have overcome such fears making the product a huge success.

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