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The resemblance between the movie and real history facts

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Although respected and extremely well known, Queen Elizabeth, daughter of Henry the 8th and Anne Boleyn, was famous for her reign and personality. Although she was coming from an influent family, with both parents being very impulsive and scandalous parents, Elizabeth was far from resembling to them. Her motto was "video et taceo" which meant "I see, and say nothing! Because of the fact that she was a very imposing and significant character in the history of England, many have come to the decision to create movies after her life, clearly describing the events she had taken part of. One of these movies is "Elizabeth: The Golden Age", directed by Shekhar Kapur and it paints a vivid image of how exactly the life of the queen of England was from her childhood and until her last days.

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Although a cinematographic representation is expected to follow loyally the historical facts, this movie takes incorrect turns from time to time, modeling the reality of what happened to enhance the story and the life of a woman in charge of an entire nation. One discrepancy that has been clearly stated in the movie is the meeting that Elizabeth and the Duke D'Anjou have had. They never actually met back in their days, although he was one of the queen suitors. In spite of this true fact, the movie not only describes the acquaintance of the two, but also the growth of their relationship to a point of utter shame and disgrace.

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The film presents a scene where the Duke speaks in a provocative, sexual tone to Elizabeth, which should not be permitted at the royal court. In real life, this would have ended in severe punishment for the Duke, no matter what rank he had in the state. Moreover, this would not have happened, since it was the queen herself he was talking to, and she would not have tolerated it. Another slight divergence between the actual facts and the movie were the clothes that Queen Elizabeth wore. There was a particular dress that had the sleeves, neckline and bodice which were not similar to the Elizabethan features of a clothing piece. Other than this, the clothes were remarkably well designed and the acting was beautifully performed by the cast.

All in all, the movie "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" presents the life of an imposing woman in the history of England, which without having a man by her side managed to rule a country carefully and wisely. Although it may not present all facts at their rightful truthfulness, it creates a very vivid and dramatic image of what the life of a woman at power was like back then. The professional acting, the precisely designed clothes and perfectly decorated environments along with the detailed script make for a very good movie to watch, which will not only entertain the viewers, but teach then a history lesson hard to forget.

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