Free «Patients Right to Doctor/Patient Confidentiality» Essay Sample


The general organization of the essay is very satisfactory. This is because the essay has strictly followed the general format for thesis writing. First, the essay contains a clear thesis statement concerning the topic at the end of introduction. Although the writer has not underlined the statement, it is clear and represents the writer's position on the topic. The thesis has also been reviewed at the conclusion of the essay. The beginning of the essay generally good and contains a grabber statement that attracts the attention of the reader.

Explanation on the context of the debate in the introduction has been elaborated to a great extend and satisfactorily up to standards. The essay has clearly shown the controversy that exists on the topic highlighting incidences where the patient/doctor confidentiality may be breached and other incidences where the confidentiality should be honored. Both sides of the topic have been organized separately and argued extensively with a conclusive ending. The transition between points and paragraphs is very satisfactory. The counter arguments, concessions and refutations are clearly illustrated (Langbein, 2010).


The essay has a relevant and strong content with at least three arguments in support of the thesis as well as appropriate rebuttal of the counter arguments. There is a very clear conclusion and summary of the views supporting and opposing the topic. The writer has established a strong common ground of agreement between the two sides of the debate (Langbein, 2010).


The content is very relevant and can agree that the essay contains relevant points supported with credible evidence with good approach of analysis. I haven't encountered any fallacious reasoning involved in the essay since the writer mostly engaged in logical form of reasoning and stating ideas. The supported material is also logically sequenced (Langbein, 2010).

Style, Grammar and Mechanics

The diction or the formality level that has been used in this essay actually meets the audience expectations and is very appropriate. There are very few grammar mistakes on the use of punctuation marks. However, typos, spelling errors, and poor sentence construction are not evident in the essay. The writing style is generally satisfactory (Langbein, 2010).


The references are present with appropriate sources in the essay. There is a correct match of in text citation and the citations on the reference list. Citation is satisfactory and both the list on the references and the in text citations have followed APA style of citation. The content of reference list is similar with what is contained in the essay References (Langbein, 2010).


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