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Political culture reflects the political values and beliefs of people. It helps to explain how people feel about their government. The three types of political cultures found in Texas are moralistic, traditionalistic and individualistic. Texas is considered by some to be a mixture of Traditionalistic and Individualistic cultures. A traditionalistic culture is based on an uncertain approach held towards the common good and the market place at large. In this culture, the government follows the existing economic and social hierarchy. According to the traditionalistic culture, leaders emerge from the elite group of the society. This locks out any other ordinary individual from politics at all levels. On the other hand, an individualistic culture depends entirely on the market place. The role of the government in an individualistic culture is limited to the proper functioning of the market place. In this case, the motives of politicians are founded on professional progress through material individual interests. Thus, this essay seeks to define these political cultures, stating examples in the Lone Star movie which are characteristic of the political cultures in Texas.

The Lone Star movie is a composition that highlights the characteristics of an individualistic culture. The instance of this culture is Wade, described as a violent and corrupt fellow. An individualistic culture permits corruption. This is the case with Wade as reported in the movie while he was a sheriff in the past about forty years before Buddy took over leadership. This shows the self-centered ambitions of the leaders in the market place. Confrontations from Buddy Deeds in the public made Wade disappear. This is true characteristic of individualistic culture. Issues in this culture are not dealt with. Competition in politics is partisan. Everything as it unfolds within these leaders is dirty. Apparently, government does not get through in its right path. The idea is basically to keep things calm and ensure that everything is well at the market place. The truth does not count in the leadership. This is revealed when Sam is fully convinced that his father killed Wade but later believes in something different. There is hindrance to patronage and thus the government has a negative perception from the society (Sayles, 1996).

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Moreover, traces of traditionalistic culture can be seen. A number of the old Rio County residents hesitate to let Sam go on with investigations of the death of Wade. They are guided by the common good of letting the issues stay uncovered. This is true nature of traditionalistic culture. The events however unfold later as rival factions between them. Sam chooses to go on looking into the details of Wade’s death. As he carries on with the process, Sam meets his high school darling Pilar; a girl of his father, Buddy does not approve for him for some reason (Sayles, 1996). This appears to be rivalry in traditionalistic culture.  Sam continues with his aspirations and seeks to do his will as sheriff. Sam is reduced to dire predictions of the reason for the opposition from Buddy. The leadership has attracted a lot of suspicion. Relationships have been affected which strongly confirms the culture of traditionalists.

Generally, individualistic and traditionalistic political cultures are evident in Texas as demonstrated in the Lone Star movie.   The aspects of traditionalistic nature are seen through a long history of dominance by one party in politics of the state. Sam takes over from his father, Buddy who served for a period of thirty years. In the Lone Star movie, Texas is portrayed as traditionalistic society with economic and social conservatism. The individualistic form of the Texas politics through these leaders in Lone Star movie are seen through the faith the leaders have in their initiatives and ambitions (Sayles, 1996). Moreover, private businesses as seen with Sam override the interests of the state. Gaining office appears to be the fashion in this society. Issues are left unattended to. The low class citizens do not matter in governance.  Bureaucracy does not get in its predetermined way and into its intended purpose. These cultures indeed portray beliefs and values of the people of Texas.

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