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The poem is about two youths who loved each other in the Pretty town. The words ‘anyone’ and ‘noone’ are used by the poet to refer to any other guy together with his lover (the lady). The young man carried out his tedious duties unmotivated despite his strong dislike and imminent neglect by the young and old women in the society. Nevertheless, children concluded that the lady’s love for him increased at a time when the old women and men forgot about the place of love in their lives over time. As depicted in the poem, the girl loved him against all the odds.  The two lovers continuously enjoyed their lives despite hatred emanating from the elders of the city.  Towards the end of the poem, children equally motivated to enjoy life as they grow up until they seemingly forget about their eventual forthcoming death. One day when the couples die both, children’s dream continues to blossom up to the point of reflecting on their own death. The characters of the poem include a young guy, a lady, old women and men.

When the words in the first two lines are properly arranged the lines become:

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How anyone lives in a pretty town

With so many bells floating up down

The unconventional word order enables Cummings to give the reader the task of finding the meanings of different lines in order to appreciate his (Cummings’) work. The unusual arrangement of words also makes the poem to be more intelligible.

The words in the poem which perform the functions other than the expected ones are:

‘Anyone’ which has been used to refer to the guy and ‘no one’ which has been used to refer to the young lady. 

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