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In Richard E Miller essay, “The Dark Night of Souls”, Miller writes about writings of others. At first he writes about ‘The Information ‘a novel written by Martin Amis and then goes ahead to write about John Krakauer’s Nonfiction book, “Into the wild”.  In the introduction parts of the essay, Richards questions the procurement, significantly about the centrality of academic works. He claims a possibility that much of the writing and readings teachers and student do may not be that important; rather they could be a labored way of passing time. He goes ahead to question the importance of literature arts, apart from generating and organizing this works and then generating critique and analysis of these literal arts which sadly fall on deaf years.

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Miller uses the two novels to illustrate justification on the importance or lack of importance of literature arts, and secondly to illustrate how reading and writing might be made to matter in our modern world. Miller use the two books to illustrate, how technological changes like the internet have transformed the world into anyone who can access the internet into a prominent author or critic of other literature arts.

According to Miller’s introduction, it has been rather hard for people to accept the fact that publishing has been taken from the hands of the few by technology. Almost everyone who has access to the internet apparently has become a potential author or critic. In Amis’ novel, the naïve are said to believe violence as being the results of volition’s discernable act. Tull suggests that a direct connection exists between the heroes’ status decline in the novel and the growth in each of the universe dimensions in our understanding.

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Tull is used as a vehicle by Amis to illustrate the theory of assaulting the pieties of those who would privilege the acts of reading and in the midst of all this, describing artists as being indistinguishable from criminals. Amis draws out a similarity between a criminal and an artist saying that a criminal resembles an artist in his pretension, incompetence and self pity.

Millers main aim of using these two texts is to illustrate the real importance of literate arts and the limited ways in which reading and  writing can be made to matter in the new world evolving in our eyes. He also tries to explain the need of spending time to work and teach others to how to work with texts.

He tries to prove this by clearly showing particularly from Amis book that, reading makes one a better person and that writers of merit write into the by virtue of the deep insight they have into the human spirit. He states that a world filled  with consumer culture castoffs is less superior to the one with artistic creation and that writing apparently provides access to immorality.  

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