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Methamphetamine is an amphetamine drug whose effects are magnified than those of cocaine. The compound affect the central nervous and depending with the exposure time and dosage, the consequences ranges from mild (anorexia, elevated mood) to severe ( mental illness associated to drug abuse, expulsive emotions and uncontrolled behaviors). The drug does not affect the active users only, but it also affects the passive, such as developing fetus; increasing morbidity of congenital conditions and mortality. Mostly, the abuse is higher in rural due to coverage from law and accessibility of raw materials - fertilizer used by the farmers.

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            Due to its effect, it has significantly affected the families of the users to a point of health alarm and agency for action. Its addiction nature has caused drug dependency where the main goal of the user is to get the drug; they are in a continuous cycle of looking for the drug, using the drug or recovering from drug.

            The parents becomes irresponsible and lacks concern especially towards children, leaving them in poor conditions and vulnerable for peer manipulation as well as child abuse. Consequently, the children suffers the problems such as; toxic exposures, indulgence in to crime that their parents uses to secure drugs, family breakup and separation, increased immorality, psychiatric problems associated to drug abuse, emotional and social ruin. Therefore, the health care providers should embrace client tracing, target health utterly as per WHO definition and consider community health education rather than medical care approach in curbing this problem. 

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