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In the statement, whether the society influences the films or the films influence the society, two points can be derived. The first point is that the society can influence the films. For instance, those movies that are based on a true stories or events are usually affected by the society. One of the examples of a film that has been influenced by the society is “The Last King of Scotland.” The film is based on true events in the reign of Ugandan President Idi Amin Dada. He was a very dictatorial ruler who ruled Uganda through military coup. The film, “The Last King of Scotland,” it has been affected by the society where the directors had to emphasis the cruelty and dictatorial nature of the president and how the people suffered in the film. 

            The other point is that the films have affected the society in general. People usually try to emulate what they see others doing. In this case, many high school students try to emulate what they usually see on the television. For instance, in the film, “John Tucker Must Die” the girls form a group where they try to bring down the ego of young man who has broken their hearts. In such case, the house girls will try to form groups to emulate the movie every time one of the male students hearts them.

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Part two

            The movie review of the “Black Swain,” contains two separate views from different critics. The first critic, the Orlando Sentinel brings about the positive approach of the film, which makes the readers want to watch the movie. On the other hand, the critic LA Times is two negative about the film and makes the readers not to have any interest in watching the film. Therefore, the two reviews do not agree with one another. This is because of the evidence where they have used to compare the movie with another movie “Red Tape.” The Orlando Sentinel has considered the Black Swan to be the better movie while the LA times have considered the Red Tape to be better movie. Based on the different actors of the film, the reviews have based their critics on them to come with the different conclusion. Words like brilliant and Genre-blending have been used by the Orlando Sentinel to capture the eyes of the viewers. On the contrary, the LA times have used words like wildly melodramatic and unashamedly to capture the eyes of the readers based on whether to watch the movie or not.

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