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The 2010 film, 127 Hours, is a true story of Aron Ralston, an American mountain climber and a public orator. It was an extraordinary escapade to save his life after a plunged rock had collapsed on his arm and entrapped him in a remote valley in Utah. He had to amputate his right limb with a dull penknife to liberate himself from the boulder.  During the ordeal, Aron Ralston’s personal and spiritual feelings are described in his book where he shows desperation and devastation. He tries all his best to free himself to a point where he gets angry at the whole situation. That is when he intentionally snaps the bones in his upper limb by throwing himself angrily against the rock, finally allowing him to cut through his limb with a dull penknife.

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He feels like his life has come to an end and even takes a video of himself giving gratitude to his friends and parents. Even at the point of death, he wants his parents to know how much he loved them. He also tries to amuse himself by making a funny morning talk show. He even gets dreams and hallucinations, like the dream of a young boy talking to him as his father, which makes him optimistic of seeing the future. He calls that a spiritual experience that changed his life completely. Being particularly heart-centered, he was forced to make decisions that he never imagined he would. He thinks about the significant things in his life, love, relationships and his deep desire to get back to the world and experience that good life again.   

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The event is acknowledged in Ralston's memoirs Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Over the subsequent five days, Aron was thinking over his situation and endured the elements to realize finally that he had the bravery and the ability to pull himself out by whichever ways needed, ranged a 20m wall and climbed more than eight miles before he could be salvaged. All through his expedition, Ralston remembered acquaintances, lovers, relatives, and those two mountain climbers he had met prior to the catastrophe.

Nobody was aware of his whereabouts; nobody was coming to salvage him. With scarce food and water, and an inexpensive penknife that was his only device, he eradicated his alternatives one at a time. Imagining that he would die, he tried to survive during five days gradually drinking a little quantity of water that had remained, about 350 ml, while attempting to disentangle his upper limb. His hard work was fruitless as he was unable to free his upper limb from the 800-pound boulder. Three days after struggling to elevate and split the rock, the agitated and dehydrated Ralston was all set to cut off his entrapped right limb at a spot on the middle-forearm, so as to get free.

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During the fifth night, wracked by restlessness and unmanageable quivers, Aron smashed his epitaph into the boulder wall being convinced that he would not make it to the morning. Yet with the crack of dawn came an epiphany: if he managed to utilize the boulder’s vise-like grasp to fracture his limb bones, his blunt penknife could be used as a surgeon’s cutting edge, which took almost an hour with his two-inch penknife. It is on page 23 of his book where we read about the declining rock and the grasped arm. A sluggish-motion description trails of the boulder slackening off and falling between the fracture walls and Aron's minute-by-minute, impulse-by-impulse response. Time gets to a halt, all is on the brink. This is the gap involving Aron's two lives, one prior to and one following the tragedy.

 Since he did not have a phone, after he had got free, he still had to retrieve to his vehicle which was 8 miles away. He ascended past the slit valley in which he had been shut, rappelled downward a 20-metre perpendicular wall with the help of one hand, and then climbed - in the noon heat. He ran into a family on retreat that gave him water and then rushed to notify the police. Aron dreaded he would lose too much blood to survive, but by concurrence, saviors were looking for him since they had been notified by his relatives and acquaintances that he had disappeared; they took him into the plane and he was salvaged, six hours after cutting off his upper limb.

Aron renders himself sometimes as bombastic, at other times as meek. The soul-seeking that transpires doesn't stop when he loses his limb and survives dehydration, starvation and vulnerability. He expressively remembers the intricacy preparation to his surgery, and explains his self-indulgence and a sense of devastating accountability to react as a superman to those who refer to him as such. He declares in his book, "It is not how many breaths we take; it is the moments that take our breath away". There is no disappointment whatsoever in the after-rescue regarding the choices he has made. It makes the reader reflect on what they have surrendered and how far they are willing to go chasing their enthusiasms.

Aron is capable of maintaining the anxiety flowing all through, swapping every section of anguish-ridden current description with a calm section of ascending reminiscence. This gives the paperback an alternating rhythm, oscillating smartly between tranquility and anxiety. He is in some way capable of narrating about fluctuations of his feelings and mind-set throughout his torment with an accuracy that lends his paperback the emotional haul of a mental thriller.

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