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In the bible, authors used various Poetic licenses to achieve the desired effect to the reader. This includes the use of conventional effects in writing throughout various biblical stories. In the bible, the book of genesis is made up of various creation and historical stories involving the first man and the generations that followed. Thus, in relying the message, the writer, who is initially said to be Moses, uses various poetic licenses. However, the book has gone through various translations such as King James Version, Jewish publication, fruit of knowledge among others.

Moore, in the fruit of knowledge uses a dialogue between Eve and the Cherub. The two were engaged in a serious dialogue concerning the tree of good and evil. However, the Cherub wanted to trick Eve and ensure that she had sinned. However, she failed into the trap. King James Version, the author uses narration. For example, “the serpent said to the woman, ye shall not surely die”(Gen 3:1). The happening that took place is being narrated by a third person.

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Moreover, the choice of words is different. For instance, Moore talks of the “Cherub” while James refers to it as the “serpent”

Jewish publication also uses dialogue in the story of the garden of Aden. For example, 'Yea, hath G-d said: Ye shall not eat of any tree of the garden?'(Gen 3:1). However, the choice of words is unique. For example, the word God is written as G-d. This is distinct from all other versions. King James uses short sentences separated by commas and full stops. Jewish publication is written in dialogue form but with relatively longer sentences. This is the same case with the Fruit of knowledge by Moore.

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There are various poetic licenses that have been maintained in the versions. King James uses some words in bracket. For example (was, to be, art, is) among others. These words help to give the required impression as well as give the correct tense depending on the context to which the reader is. Jewish publication is also every unique in the way it describes God. HaShem G-d is used as the name of God whereas King James uses “the Lord”.

Moore creates vivid pictures in the mind of the reader. He describes every action, people involved and their actions. This makes the reading livelier. For instance he writes “The Cherub stared, his eyes widening into two blue circles of surprise. He was speechless for an instant. Then he pursed his pink mouth to whistle softly, narrowing."Why," he stammered, "you . . . you're the Queen of air and Darkness "Smiling up at him from the comers of her eyes, the woman nodded” the reader can therefore, have a clear picture of all the events that took place. Both the woman and the Cherub are being described in a unique way. Moore concentrates his writings on the happening in the garden of Aden. By maintaining the correct poetic license, Moore enables the reader to see how the relationship between man and God was ruined. At first, it was good however, upon eating of the fruit from the tree of knowledge and evil, Adam sinned. This marked the beginning of hardships in the life of man as Moore states. Both man and woman were cursed as well as the serpent. This is after going against the will of God. Thus, through the writings, the writers indulges in their style of writing in order to elaborate the stories and actions as well as make the reader to understand more easily.

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In chapter 4, Adam bore Cain and Abel. Abel was a keeper of sheep while Cain tilled the garden. The bible states that the two were to offer a sacrifice to the lord. Unfortunately, the sacrifice of Cain was not accepted. He said unto HaShem: 'Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen?”(Gen 4:6). He went ahead and killed his brother Abel. By the use of the correct choice of poetic license, the author makes the story livelier. This is through description, dialogue, short sentences as well as the choice of words makes it not only spiritual but also interesting to read.

Poetic license in the book of Genesis is developed in a unique way. For example, from Adam, all his generations that followed, their life and relationship with God is described by the use a number of poetic licenses. The story of Noah, the building of ark(Gen 6:14), the flood that lasted for a hundred and fifty days, his sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth(Gen 10:1) and how they were blessed or cursed.

The upshot that is depicted by the use of poetic license in the book of Genesis makes it easy to read, understand as well as be inspired. Stories are made livelier as if they happened yesterday. Thus, the upshot that is brought is that fact that biblical historical figures and happenings are made picturesque. That is, the reader can visualize what is happened and the dire consequences such as the eating of forbidden fruit in Chapter 3 as well as the killing of Abel of Cain in Chapter 4. Both of these actions are followed by a curse from God whose repercussions are being witnessed up to date.

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