A response essay provides a reader with a much clearer understanding of how the writer feels about a specific subject. When writing a response essay, you need to discuss personal feelings and thought about the subject being looked at.

In most situations, such a paper is required to be written to respond to a reading assignment, video, speech, or some kind of special event. As an example, if an interesting event has been discussed in local news, you may be required by a teacher or professor to create a response essay which expresses the viewpoint you hold against the event. As another example, if you went on a field trip to the local art museum, you may be required to write a response essay in regards to what you have seen or a specific piece at the art museum you saw.

The Main Points of Response Essay Writing

When writing a response essay, it is important you discuss personal feelings on the specific issues. Therefore, such a work needs to be written in the first person. This means it is okay to utilize the words "I" and "you" if you choose during the course of the response essay.

It can be recommended to analyze an old work to start off with. Locate subtle points which can be used to support your argument which have not been presented in other writings. Always start with a creative thesis. However, do not try to say that the author or artist is saying something that they most likely did not mean.

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In a number of cases, you are asked to write a response essay in which you cite whether you disagree or agree with a specific topic. You may be asked if you dislike or like something. In this type of paper, your introduction paragraph must have a thesis statement asserting your personal point of view. In the rest of your work, you will be required to prop up your thesis.

Most likely, your thesis statement will begin with "In my opinion" or "I think that." You will probably use a number of phrases much like this one throughout the response essay. Therefore, your piece of writing does not require too many facts because it is your opinion that matters. However, if you use some facts to back up your argument, it is always beneficial.

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After the introductory paragraph and support paragraphs in your response essay, you will have to write a paragraph concluding your paper. The conclusion paragraph will summarize your opinion in your academic work and it will restate the thesis of the paper. However, do not copy how you wrote your thesis in your introduction paragraph - write it in a new way. Redundancy shows that someone's writing is poor. Before submitting your piece of writing, always do a spelling, grammar and punctuation check.

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