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The article by Dick Gregory “shame” is stronger than the one by Randall William’s on “Daddy Tucked the Blanket”. The reasons behind this conclusion include the explicitness of the script message and exposition of facts. Clarity in thematic concerns is what drives the counterchecking of these articles. The article “Daddy Tucked the Blanket” by Randall Williams is out to express shame and the mischief associated with poverty and living in shackles in the article and Dick Gregory in his article “Shame” does give a picture of the way poverty and unfavorable life can deteriorate a child’s goals and acceptance in the society. Dick Gregory in his article “Shame” depicted the wishes of a poor man’s son Richard as he struggled to win the heart of a fellow pupil “Helene Tucker” but poverty did destruct him in extreme length. Richard alleges that he even thought that he went to school to see Helene, he admired every minute spent with her in school and he moreover thinks that he worked hard in school for Hellene Tucker. Richard says that he worn medals and wards in high school and college for Helene but she never was interested with his advances; what a poor boy. Helene tucker had been lingering into his minds till he hit twenty nine years of age and he got married to someone else. Despite the significant efforts to have Helene in his confines, he never succeeded in doing so. Richard at the fall of the curtain decided to delete her images and experiences for the past twenty nine years and settled down with a happy family that was far from the involvement of Helene Tucker.

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            On the other hand, “Daddy Tucked the Blanket” by Randall Williams is an article that depict shame due to the poor life that the particular family enjoys.  The author; Randall Williams manages to create the impression of the desperation that the orator has in school. He alleges that he completed his syllabus without any of his friend’s visiting him at what he could refer has his domicile. He was ashamed of the filthy shackle that they lived in but he acknowledge the fathers effort to ensure that they went to school neat and with shoes like the rest of kinds. He even witnessed him fixing a steel metal on his shoes to make it stick together and let him continue working hard for his family. Despite this, he says that none of them did blame the parents and the situation did not spoil their family union with parents but it did between mum and dad and they got a divorce. Mum and dad were divorced, but he was much sorry for his sisters as he wondered which man would be proud to date a woman living in shackles. Brocken windows, falling walls and broken down washing machines; who was ready to date such a class of woman. Poverty did the orator make wishes and he finally was happy that he had made friends and moving out of house was a big relief to him. Poverty according to Randall Williams; brought shame to his family.

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“Shame” by Dick Gregory

            “Shame” by Dick Gregory outlines how a student; Richard was obsessed by a fellow student way back in young days of school.  School did expose him to so much. He even says “I never learned hate at home, or shame. I had to go to school for that. I was about seven years when I got my first lesson.” The article talks of the love that he narrator had with a girl named “Helene Tucker” who was “light skinned and with pigtails and nice manners.” The narrator imagined he just went to school for her sake.

            The narrator was regarded by his teacher has stupid because he was unable to “spell, couldn’t read, and was not at a position to do arithmetic.” The teachers did not have time to make a follow up of why he lacked concentration; which was due to “hunger and lack of breakfast.” The narrator did not wish that noon would come. He point points the pregnancies that he had and the filthy feeling about being pregnant “pregnant people get strange tastes.”” I was pregnant with poverty, dirt and smells, Cold and with shoes...with five others in bed and lack on Dad in the next room. He was Pregnant with hunger.”

 The teacher regard the narrator a troublemaker and even declined to understand how he could make fifteen dollars contribution when in the first instance had no Dad and was a  beneficiary of the contributions kitty. Upon realization of the truth, Helene Tucker does sympathize with his situation which was symbolized by “her eyes full of tears, she felt sorry for me” according to Dick Gregory’s article.

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“Dad Tucked the Blanket” by Randall Williams

            “Dad Tucked the Blanket” by Randall Williams is an article of a boy; 16 years of age who tries to explain why he is no longer staying home and the realization of freedom to stay alone to his amazed friends. The orator is living a poor life; a life he was ashamed of. “I was ashamed of where I lived” he alleges. Poverty does underpin him and he felt despised and unaccepted in the society due to it. He says “being poor is a humiliating experience for a young person trying hard to be accepted.” The family was struggling, lived in old houses and even felt sorry in a deeper length to his sisters. He says “the girls got pressure and as hey grew old I became worse,” he was wondering if at all they shall accept dates well knowing that they shall have to usher in the “young man in a dirty hallway; with broken windows, peeling wallpaper and cracked ceiling.” Poverty was much to their family.

            Upon getting to sixteen, the parents argued much violently and ended up with a divorce, he struggled in school, but was at the end grateful for the moments in his life though he says “I remember wanting to die at the time.”


            Personal experience was used much in the article by Dick Gregory “shame,” and it is the factor that makes it stronger in the presentation of evidence. In the article the author has managed to show with clarity the tenacity that the narrator had towards winning the heart of Helen Tucker. He struggled and was faced by all the respective happenings. Secondly, the narrator; Richard, did not agree to succumb into the tribulations of poverty. He despite having no dad decided to buy the daddy rights which enabled him to raise the fifteen dollars that he donated to the kitty for the poor. On the third note, he upon attaining a certain age, realized that he shall never get Helene Tucker has his wife. He thus decides to forget the old adages and he gets serious and moves on with someone special to him. Richard is a fighter and a reformist, an individual who fought to eat and overcome shame. The author thus did use personal experiences significantly in the article. Dick Gregory’s article is articulate and does with clarity pinpoint evidence. The article by Randall Williams on the other hand, is based on emotional aspect that does fault logic. It is much dependant on some factors as opposed to personal experience because it is the sisters who succumb to the worries of poverty occasionally as opposed to the orator. Appeal to emotions is faulty and Randall was not precise in evidence presentation.

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