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What is the point of having multiple operating systems installed on the same machine?

Having multiple operating systems on a single machine has lots of advantages like manageability, optimal use of hardware, and proper resource allocation to different applications. When an application crashes on a single machine having a single operating system, crashes the whole system. Similarly, when an application crashes on a single machine having multiple operating systems, only that particular application is down; not the whole system. Virtualization allows you to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single system. This helps organizations to save time, money, energy (power) and space. In virtualization, the finite computer hardware resources get utilized as and when an application requires it. Resources such as memory, hard-disk space, processors, etc gets shared and used optimally. Different application require different configuration and having different system for each application becomes costly for organization or individuals. But in virtualization, different application can work efficiently with the available shared resources. Virtualization helps organizations in Server Consolidation, Conservation of Energy (Power), Improving management, reduces back-up and recovery time, provides a cross platform for testing various applications and software. The main objective behind having multiple operating systems run in a single machine or Virtualization is to centralize the administrative task and improving manageability and scalability. It provides a more secured environment and load balances various applications running at the same time.

Is IntelliMirror worth configuring for most situations?

IntelliMirror is a very powerful and useful tool for the administrators. IntelliMirror is worth configuring for most of the situations. It helps in IT Service Management as it provides two important features such as Change Management and Configuration Management. Through this feature an administrator or user can manage their files and documents; configure various softwares and upgrades; and system settings such as language settings, color schemes, etc. It improves and enhances the availability of data to the user and manages information, computer setting and application softwares intelligently. IntelliMirror is an addition to the Zero Administration initiative for Windows (ZAW). IntelliMirror allows an administrator to set policy definitions once and be confident that the policy will be applied without further administrative intervention. At the core of IntelliMirror are three features: User data management; Software installation and maintenance; and User settings management. (Microsoft).

For corporate and organizations, it provides proper controlled management of various systems within their environment or network. IntelliMirror also provides facility for remote operating system installation to the administrator. Administrator can install the operating system in new or problematic systems without being physically present on the site.

What is probably the most likely problem an administrator can expect to counter in a Windows XP system?

An administrator faces few challenges with Windows XP environment such as privilege management, security issues, installation of operating system and other software application patches, and restoring / recovering data in case of a failure or crash. In case a system crashes and Windows is unable to boot up, the administrator faces a lot of problem. Few types of software can only be installed using administrator privileges and application compatibility is an issue. An administrator problem can be classified into three types – Device driver problems, system file problems, and hardware related problems. Device driver problem is the most common problem faced by administrators and might get incompatible with the operating system. Device driver helps the software to communicate with the hardware and operating in sync.


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