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Intellect is not a by birth attribute of a personality but it nourish with quality child development. Child development has been geared up its pace since early 20th century. The precise definition of the childhood is, the period from birth to adulthood of a human life considered as childhood.

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In addition, definition of child development is tackling the tangles of childhood into constructive means is child development. The period of childhood is quite peculiar and so influential on the entire life of a human being. That is why child development is largely considered an initial instate to the intellect of a human being.

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Moreover, more than a few child development theories have been presented by the theorists and researchers to investigate the child psychology and its impacts on the mental, cognitive, behavioral and social aspects of a human life and provided the solutions to them.

How does the article add more information to you?           

The article is so informative to me. It has exposed the perfect personality constituents to synchronize myself according to them. The theories by the scholars have provided to me the information to adopt the best traits of the personality. Now I can point out my lacking and fix it with the developmental information I have.

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How can you use this information?

I can use this information to fix my lacking and craft my personality traits. The mental, behavioral, cognitive and social theories presented in the article have covered the overall personality constituents. Now I can understand alter and adopt the best ones for myself. 

How does it apply to you?

When I read and put myself into the criteria or theory presented in the scholars research. I found that I am lacking much of them and now I can apply the best solution given in the article to rectify and alter my lacking and buff up into the best personality.

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