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Chapter One

I am part of Fine Networking Consultants. This networking company provides consulting services, on-site support services, internet access, security systems integration, and systems engineering services. Weiss advances two suggestions that are useful for our company. First, Weiss suggests that our company can grow through repute, and second, he indicates that hiring people with expertise is essential for customer satisfaction.

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By indicating that a company can grow through repute, Weiss (2009, p. 11) asserts that reputation is essential no matter how the services our company provides can be rated. Thus, this indicates that maintaining a healthy name in the market will benefit our company because this will enable most executives to market our company in their business and casual meetings. The reference to hiring people with expertise is also essential to our company as Weiss points out that, despite the many qualities possessed by a consultant, expertise is essential, as it is needed in most cases. For instance, Weiss states that in some situations clients do not require familiarizing themselves with a consultant’s skills and approaches, but are more concerned with the onetime expertise provided by the consultant.

In the first chapter, Weiss writes concerning how a consulting firm can be discovered. I disagree with what he proposes because he seems more inclined with the existing firms, which have done already some work for clients. In my opinion, Weiss should have factored the firms that have not being launched yet because they comprise of people that really want to be developed in terms of business. How does Weiss expect a firm that is being established to develop from repute or word of mouth?

The two questions that I formulated include:

How else can a consultant add value to what he presents to a client?

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With no continued certification and licensing of consultants, what ways can people incorporate in identification of genuine and fake consultants?

Chapter Two

Working as a network consultant also requires a lot of time management because of the many clients that are present at the same time, and the need for maximization of the available time. This calls for proper management and organization of one’s time. Thus, the following analysis of Weiss’s proposal might be useful for the networking company I work for..

Weiss (2009, p. 25) indicates that it is essential to ensure that my job does not get in the way of my career. In this context, Weiss reminds me that, despite my goal to satisfy client’s needs, I have to factor client’s demands and follow the contract requirements set between me and the client. This means that it is not reasonable for me to use my precious time in doing extra job that a client did not specify in the contract as this extra time can be utilized on other significant projects. The second point advanced by Weiss (2009, p. 26) relates to reduction of labor intensity work. This entails saving of time that is spent on the interaction with the client. Weiss proposes several methods of how this can be done, which include regular scheduling of meetings with clients, sending the client reports and updates on a regular basis, and reducing trips to the client’s site that can be replaced with phone calls.

In the second chapter, I disagree with Weiss’s proposal concerning reduction of clients because of the business growth. I think that is a serious proposal because the clients to be cut down might be the ones that facilitate the current growth of my business. Thus, I would prefer to retain all clients because they might just come in hand during economic downturns.

The two questions formulated in this chapter are as follows:

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What can a consulting firm do when the consultants of a firm want to establish alliances with decline?

In what other ways is timing significant in a consultation profession?

Chapter Three

The name a person opts to assign for a consulting firm does not really matter. However, it is essential that the name assigned convey a proper message to clients in order to facilitate their imagination of what your company does. This explains the reason why I had to christen my business as Fine Networking Consultants to depict the services provided by our firm.

Weiss (2009, p. 47) talks about Controllable Rejection, which he proposes as the way a firm should view its loss of a contract to another competing firm. I second this proposal because a business accepts defeat in a positive manner and asserts that the mistake is theirs because they failed to take a step that was within their capability for securing the contract in question. The business also uses that opportunity to ensure that they restructure their operations and marketing strategies in anticipation of future challenges regarding searching of contracts. This gives a consulting firm the opportunity to restructure and get back to business.

In chapter three, I find Weiss’s iea “The view is not always better from the front” as being irrelevant to my profession. I find this view irrelevant because Weiss indicates that a consultant should always improvise as years advance. This is irrelevant in my career because I will specifically be dealing with networking and it does not require frequent improvising as what I deal with in profession takes several years before new models are launched.

The two questions formulated from chapter three include;

What measures can a consultant take to ensure that he does not overpromise a client and in turn, under delivers?

Do you think business continuity is promised in cases where it encounters many Uncontrollable Rejection situations?  Provide reasons to support your point of view.

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